Youth – A letter to young minds


Youth – A letter to young minds

Age is just a number. We have heard this ample number of times in our lives, and most of us believe so as well. But, with getting old, there are a few

Age is just a number. We have heard this ample number of times in our lives, and most of us believe so as well. But, with getting old, there are a few inevitable constraints, making us go weak in certain aspects. Similarly, we, as a child, also have had  several objections as were just growing souls and cannot be trusted with several activities, as we were in our learning phase.  

With all these in our minds, our youth years is the time we are supposedly free, happy, eligible, and have all the tides on our favor to do whatever we wish to. Youth years shower us with abundant energy, time, will, and everything we would like to have on our side for creating our life into a story that we have already fancied. There are problems and difficulties at this time as well, but our young minds are open and ready to break each challenge and come out winning in the truest sense!

The youth of a community and a country are considered assets. This is so, because they are the future of the subcontinents. And, also a resource, that when utilized in the right way, can make the country a superpower.

With the emergence of social media and other technological developments, and constantly evolving ideas of being successful, the young minds do find themselves in a pool of hardships to match up to expectations and constant building pressure. A current study has proven that the suicides among youngsters has exponentially increased, and the statistics say that the suicide rate has gone up by 56%. And, it has been stated time and again that young people need to be productive and work hard, but not at the cost of their physical and mental well-being. It is right to say that these years need to be exploited the most, and it is also not wrong to say that if we do not hit the peak now, it isn’t necessary we failed. 

In the vicious cycle of work, hobbies, and doing endless amounts of tasks youngsters often miss out on so much, they are entitled to. Here are a  few things to keep in your minds, to enhance your selves and keep your ever enthusiastic brain and heart at peace.

Be an advocate for rest.

On a day that transpires in a confined 24-hour clock, devoting an hour for laying down and pondering over how the day has been isn’t a sin. And, should be taken as a part of our schedule. If we do not pause, we might not bounce back with a lot more speed once again. 

No qualms for following the heart 

Many instances pop up with the question, should I look for my own good or for the good of my family and loved ones. It is necessary to be thoughtful, and give back to our loved ones but never at the cost of sacrificing our own dreams. Let us not hurt others with our decisions but simultaneously not hurt ourselves too. 

Increase your horizon 

Where there is a will, there is a way. And, so does everything else. In a world that’s so huge yet so short, an uncertain life, why should we confine ourselves into the walls of our own perceptions and inhibitions? This is the time to break the shells and fly high, use the energy to create an empire of our own from the small kingdom we were ruling. Trying new isn’t a bad choice, and failing at it will yet bring myriads of lessons. 

Let it out, let it sink 

Hiding from emotions and faking a happy life is something we are slowly getting used to. But, isn’t it right to say when we own everything part of our lives, we should own our emotions too. Why not have the emotions flow and the burden appear down. Once it’s done, we will be free to do whatever we would love to. 

Learn and Teach. 

There is no time-bound to learn new things in our lives, learn earthing and all things, from positive to negative, so that we get to know how to differentiate. Also, while we pick ourselves concomitantly to go on a learning journey, share your experience to those in need, who are as lost as you were at some point. Let us grow as a community. 

Family is love, family is life. 

We have seen so much, yet so little. The family we often disregard and throw tantrums at, have born our heat and dire circumstances to shape us and be a support system to us throughout. Let us give back to them with a smile, and take them along ahead. 

Time is money, and these years are so precious that we cannot let them go waste. The years when we see the world without a filter and wish to conquer it someday, let us not lose ourselves in the race to carve a mark, but create ourselves so that the world turns in awe to us.


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