University of Delaware board members and the former VP connection

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University of Delaware board members and the former VP connection

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The board of the University of Delaware has refused to release Joe Biden’s Senate records although earlier it promised to do so and now it has been found by reviewing the records that many top officials on the board have personal as well as financial ties with the former vice president. Biden’s house was bought by the chairman of the board, Mr. John Cochran, in 1996 for $1.2 million- a “top dollar” price although it needed quite a bit of work and nearby houses were selling below that price- explaining the financial ties.

What is in the Senate records?

Biden dropped off 1,875 boxes of documents, videotapes, photographs and electronic records of about 415 gigabytes to the university in 2012. It is likely possible that those documents contain some information related to Tara Reade’s sexual-assault allegation and Biden is facing a lot of pressure to relinquish them.

Hunter Biden Scandals and the support received

Birden’s son Hunter was at MBNA into a lucrative management-prep track. He boasted about his unusually high salary, which was the company’s way of pampering candidates with powerful family members, as told by MBNA source, and among the managers, there was a belief that he was engaged in lobbying.

As Hunter cashed the checks Biden worked on the Senate floor to make it hard for consumers to file for bankruptcy protection benefiting MBNA.

At least seven members of the University of Delaware’s board of trustees, along with Cochran, state’s governor and other senior officials, have donated heavily to Biden’s political campaigns. The Times had earlier stealth-edited the coverage of accusations of inappropriate touching by Biden in the instances caught on camera, at the request of the Biden campaign.

Reaction of people:

Despite calling for the release of the records, Senate Democrats have been silent on Reade’s claims although Reade has presented more pieces of evidence as compared to what the other accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, presented in the year 2018.

Representatives for Biden’s campaign have denied the allegations and also urged Biden to address the matter himself.






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