USA : A Great Nation

The US or the United States of America, or as people say it a nation of nations, is identified globally as an epitome of indomitable courage and advancement. Foremost it is inclusive of citizens from 50 diverse states who identify themselves as Americans. This empowered nation extends to 3.8 million miles. It has a population of over 327 million. The geography here is not the whole nine yards but America and being American is something greater than that.

When the rest of the countries were on tenterhooks, it was the United States who zeroed in on the country development. With time there was an establishment of republicanism here. The tale of the United States’ rapid and humble rise to superpower status took place when certain barriers were removed and facilitators emplaced. There was an emergence of liberalism in the west which the United States supremely nurtured. The two world wars served as opportunities and subsequently, it became the gigantic economic impetus that it is today. Consequently, the military and the culture spread far to advertise the United States. Explicitly the cold war aided the United States of America to emerge as a global protector to unite its allies.


America as the centerpiece

America is indeed the land of opportunities and with this comes its greatest attractions of all time. Undoubtedly, the United States imparts a tremendous impact on the entire world. It keeps the ball rolling always. Largely, this comes from the entertainment sector that witnessed a multitude of films successfully rolling on the screens. By and large Hollywood has crowned itself as the greatest industry in the entertainment sector. It caters to the human whims and fancies in the most organic as well as efficacious manner. America has also emerged as a fine blend of diversified religions, cultures, languages, and ethnicities. All in all the United States finds its roots in technological innovations, music, and popular television.

Furthermore, it is considered a home for the wonders. UNESCO has many like the Grand Canyon national park and Yellowstone national park enlisted in the heritage sites of the world. It possesses the fourth-longest river systems in the world, river Missouri being the largest. All things considered the US never fails to mesmerize its admirers.

The economic extensions of the United States


The United States has well established economic standards all over the globe. Thereupon it has willfully succeeded in maintaining its position at the top since the mid-19th century. The US economy adds to that of the world by almost a quarter. Not to mention, the economic superpower fascinates everyone by the technologically empowered economy that it owns. This is an outcome of deliberate efforts in the field of technology, lowering unemployment, higher average income, and innovation at every step. Furthermore, the United States firms are at the forefront of the tech-driven advancements, be it computers, pharmaceuticals, medical, or the military. Most of the international transactions witness the US dollar as their primary currency. The superpower has the highest gross domestic product over several decades. Primarily profuse natural resources, well-equipped infrastructure, and enhanced productivity largely boost the national economy.

What highlights the American commemoration?

The US flag marks its success of unifying diversities and its emergence as a leader with the incorporation of different states. It has the same number of stars as the states constituting America.

America celebrates the American way! The musical fervor that the country adds to the entertainment industry is itself a pride. A plethora of talented musicians and artists call America home.


Along with the hurly-burly cities that America showcases, it is the gorgeous picturesque landscapes that captivate people’s attention. It is one of the most desired tourist destination spots. The statue of liberty (originally called the Liberty Enlightening the world) was a gift from France as a souvenir of American-Franco relations. The torch is a symbol of enlightenment and leads a path paving the way to freedom and bright opportunities.

The United States also serves flavors that not only satisfy the appetite but also soothe the soul. Indeed, food is what we are talking about. American cuisine showcases the history of the United States. It efficiently presents a fine blend of the culinary contributions of citizens all around the world. African Americans, American Indians, Asians, Europeans, Pacific Islanders, and even Latin Americans influence the food culture peripherally. For more captivating facts on the United States, refer to

The American greatness

The United States of America is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional country. It is a testament to the idea that a free and united nation can beat back tyranny and rise in flying colors. It is the land of the free and home of the brave, in its true essence and credence fervor. The contributions that America has made to the world is and will always be pristine. 

Whether one likes America or not(honestly, no reason not to), the fact that the USA has constructed itself to be the greatest empire in the world lies undeterred. The greatness here implies the military power, economic wealth, and social cohesion that continuously paves way for it to reach the unreached heights. The education imparted to the citizens by the American schools and universities, helped America transform into the engine of innovation that it is today. The educational system is the core unprecedented incubator of knowledge.

Stretching from wartime propaganda to modern-day artistic fevers, the United States of America has always uproared as a nation. Moreover, America teaches you a lot and above all, it illustrates being American. It puts forward its best platter serving a pinch of wildness, some culture, a few celebrations with a dollop of freedom. It is undoubtedly a beacon for modernity and advancement. Henceforth, American greatness is not in the foreseeable aspects, rather it is in the structured progress and the principles. 

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