Types of Fashion

Let us read about the different types of types of fashion.

Fashion Styles are constantly evolving, but there are few trends that repeatedly appear on runways and in street style. However, we have to deal with

Fashion Styles are constantly evolving, but there are few trends that repeatedly appear on runways and in street style. However, we have to deal with fashion every day. We are continuously bombarded with new types of fashion from books, music, videos, and television. Let us will learn more about the different types of fashion that influence popular fashion trends and find your style.

“Fashion is the Armor to Survive the Reality of Everyday Life” – Bill Cunningham  

Types of Fashion

Fashion is certainly all about finding unique dressing sense, but sometimes it helps to have a blueprint. Below are some of the main types of fashion to help get you started.

A rundown of 15 types of fashion that most people follow in our society:

  1. Casual

Casual wear translates style with comfort. These are clothes that do not cause too much of a blend for trendsetters but are ideal for everyday trips where fit and durability matters a lot. Casual fashion incorporates a sense of streetwear with fashion.

  1. Sports Wear

People wear sport-specific clothing for games and physical exercise, for comfort, and safety reasons. Sport-specific garments include T-shirts, tennis shirts, shorts, tracksuits, and polo shirts. People also wear as casual fashion clothing. It is also called as Active Wear.

  1. Classic

Classic style expresses a sense of comfort and stability. It consists of impeccable tailoring and clean, straight lines. The classic style primarily centers around simple elegance. However, if you have this type of fashion, you are indicating simple elegance in your wardrobe. It is also called Sophisticated Fashion.

  1. Office Wear

In our workplace, clothing ought to be ironed and never wrinkled. Torn, messy, or frayed clothing is unacceptable. Any clothing that has terms, words, or pictures that may be offensive to other employees is inappropriate.

In a formal business environment, the norms of dressing for men and women is a suit, a coat, and pants or a skirt, or a dress paired with appropriate accessories.

We have to look crisp and clean in the workplace, particularly if you are wearing a suit. Imagine a scenario big bulky wallet could ruin all of that? Keep your suit sharp-looking and avoid this major faux pas by getting yourself a stunning minimalist wallet.

  1. Street

Everyone knows that fashion has evolved from the streets and not from runway shows or designers. It has its grassroots in the adolescents of recent decades. Street fashion is by and large associated with adolescents, and we see it in major urban centers. However, street fashion does not cover only one style of dressing. Still, it incorporates a whole range of styles.

  1. Exotic

The exotic style focuses on a distinctive and different style for ordinary people. It is often intriguing and mysterious. The clothing style focuses on rich colors, embroidery, bizarre patterns, prints, and mosaics.

  1. Vintage

Vintage Fashion centers around the style of a previous era. Any second-hand clothing made before the 1990s is called vintage clothing and antique clothing for anything from the 1920s and earlier. It is called Retro Style or Retrospective Style.

  1. Preppy

It is a look adopted solely by prep school students in North-eastern America. The preppy fashion ultimately traveled far beyond the walls of college campuses, shaping the collections of many popular designers. It is also called as Prep Style.

  1. Bohemian

Bohemian fashion came into existence during the 1960s though it is possible to trace the roots further. The bohemian style focuses on free and flowy fabrics and also on some exotic patterns and textures. Layering is also key in boho fashion. Skirts, vests, scarves, and jackets are often worn on top of each other. It is also known as Boho or Boho Chic.

  1. Chic

Chic is a word that describes a fashionable person. Still, it does not necessarily mean that they need to wear the latest and hottest outfits. People who love this style prefer classic and stylish designs that are striking and smart.

  1. Arty

Arty is a type of fashion for a creative thinker. An arty girl wears arty clothes that show her artistic themes. It avoids conventional and opts for something unique. People with arty style also prefer handcrafted products and create their clothing and accessories.

  1. Flamboyant

Flamboyant is associated with drama. This fashion style is often asymmetrical, multi-colored, exaggerated, flouncing, fringe, and splashy. However, flamboyant, as one of the brightest fashion styles, can have outlandish prints or intense bright colors.

  1. Punk

The goal of punk fashion is to be anti-materialistic and edgy. This style has bright colors, leather, spandex, and leopard print, while pop-punk may have skinny jeans, band tees, skater styles, and wrist bands.

  1. Goth

The Goth subculture influences goth fashion, and we characterize this style by a dark and morbid style of dress. This style includes black hair, black lips, and black clothes. It is also called Gothic Fashion.

  1. Tomboy

Not every girl is into the fashion of skirts, embellished tops, and sky-high heels. Even those who still have days when they want to unleash their inner tomboy by rocking things like menswear-style trousers, oxfords, suits, buttoned-up shirts, and extra-tailored pieces.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the types of fashion that you would prefer dressing in ultimately depends on some crucial factors that you may have to consider. So, make fair use of this comprehensive guide, stay well dressed, and stay ahead in all your fashion venture.

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