Top ER doctor in New York commits suicide.

The coronavirus battle-weary frontline ER doctor, who was the head of the emergency department at a hospital in Manhattan, committed suicide shaken by the coronavirus pandemic and the deaths of contagion patients. Philip Breen, her father, told that she had gotten sick with the coronavirus earlier also but in about a week and a half, she got better and returned to work still she was sent home again by the hospital. She was staying in Charlottesville with her family and had no underlying issues like mental illness but she told her father about how upsetting it is to continually watch patients die and the feeling of helplessness. “Make sure she is praised as a hero” said Philip in a cracking voice adding that her job killed her. He also said that she is a casualty just like all the other people who have died.

Not the first case of suicide

Two days ago, a Bronx EMT shot himself with the gun of his retired NYPD cop father, witnessing the ruthless toll of the coronavirus and now Dr. Lorna is yet another city healthcare worker, who has committed suicide because of the excruciating deaths of uncountable patients in front of her eyes. The number of doctors getting infected is not the only crisis we are facing, depression and stress to the extent they have started taking their own life is terrifying.

PTSD issue due to the pandemic

Mental-health professionals have told that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to the coronavirus pandemic is now becoming a very serious issue. People who are most at risk include the frontline health care workers as well as the family and loved ones of the patients who could not make it, said Professor Debra Kaysen, Stanford University, head of the school’s International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

Reaction of other doctors on the news

An ICU doctor responded saying that it is depressing to see people going in the ICU and not being able to come out of it and eventually dying. She also said that it hurts to watch people clapping outside the hospital, honoring healthcare workers during pandemic while in reality none of them feel like heroes rather feel defeated by this deadly disease.

A big concern for all of us because our only hope lies with these frontline doctors, acting like soldiers and sacrificing their lives.


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