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Let us Travel and Be Proud of Our Daughters

Today is well quoted by a famous American boxer Muhammad Ali “Live Everyday as if it were your last because someday you are going to be Right”. Tod

Today is well quoted by a famous American boxer Muhammad Ali “Live Everyday as if it were your last because someday you are going to be Right”.

Today is the only thing you have because the past is gone, you can’t change anything of that and the future is yet to come. So, if you make your today better than yesterday then your future will become the best on its own.

We should celebrate and cherish every moment of our today. So, today let us celebrate International Daughter’s Day and World Tourism Day.

World Tourism Day


Tourism has evolved over time and with the evolution of tourism, the exchange of cultures has taken place across the world.

Tourism contributes to the economy, business, and development of a country. A big amount of revenue comes from the tourism sector of a country.


In 1980 on the same day, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) declare 27th September as World Tourism Day.

On 27th September 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted and this adoption was taken as the milestone for global tourism. So, from the very next year, this day is celebrated as World Tourism Day.

First World Tourism Day was celebrated as International Observances.

The main objective behind celebrating this day was to raise awareness about the importance of tourism among the people.

How to Celebrate:



Tourism is not only for culture and language exchange between the but it is also important for an individual because it is scientifically proven that the person travels more tends to be happier.

Tourism gives you an exposure to the world outer from the one in which you are living by looking at different creative architectures, different food, language, and lifestyle.

This year the whole world is affected by a Pandemic and because of this tourism sector has been highly affected.



We all can put our experiences of the place we have visited on social media so that others can come to know about that and they may visit that place everything gets back to normal.

Cherish your old traveling memories today and keep smiling.

International Daughter’s Day

A daughter is a princess of her parents, a best friend for her siblings, and a second mother for her brother.



The date when Daughter’s Day was initialized is unknown to everyone. 27th September is celebrated as Daughter’s Day in many countries including the US, UK, India.

In the pages of history, it can be seen that people used to differentiate between their sons and daughters, which was not justice to the daughters of the families.

The idea behind celebrating Daughter’s Day is to spread awareness among people across the world to treat their son and daughter alike.

How to Celebrate:

A daughter is not less than a son. Make your daughter feel as equal as to your son. Give equal rights to both, your daughter and son.

If you allow your son to go out with friends, allow your daughter too. When you advise your daughter of being alert from boys then you should also advise your son to respect and help other girls.

Don’t make this equality for today only, this is just a reminder to maintain this equality in your home and surrounding too.



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