Today – September 25

Let us Celebrate this Day

Today is a celebration, yesterday is a lesson and the future is prediction. We have lots of small-small things in our lives which we generally take fo

Today is a celebration, yesterday is a lesson and the future is prediction. We have lots of small-small things in our lives which we generally take for granted so we just ignore them, so to make people remember those small but important things almost every day of the year is celebrated as some of the other days.

Celebrating these days on a specific day once in a year is not the motto of celebrating these days, the motto is to make people remember the important things in life so that they can focus on them.

So, learn the lesson from yesterday and celebrate it today instead of doing predictions for tomorrow.

World Dream Day

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By listening to the word “Dream”, a famous quote by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam triggers in mind “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”.


World Dream Day was introduced by Ozioma Egwuonwu, an instructor at Columbia University in 2012. Her motive to introduce this day was to heal and inspire humanity.

The reality in which we are living today was once a dream of someone. Everything just starts from a dream, start dreaming, and let the world live your dream in reality.

Great people in history and even in present always talk about dreams and turning those dreams in reality in their speeches.

There are examples of personalities who have not just seen a dream but they have lived their dreams. Warren Buffett dreamt of becoming a wealthy person while working in his grandfather’s shop and doing a door to door job, and see he has not only become a wealthy person but the wealthiest person in 2013 and 2015.

How to Celebrate:

Today, every day is a fast-moving day for all of us, we merely have any time for ourselves when we sit and talk to ourselves. This day allows us to sit and ask ourselves that what we want from us and where we want to see ourselves in the coming years.

If you have not decided your dream yet then do not worry about it, this day will give you a realization from inside, and if you are unable to stick on one dream and your dream keeps on changing then just fix your aim for a month or six month and make that aim complete in that period and proceed on like this.

So, what say want to celebrate this day as a turning point in your life? Start dreaming and turning that dream into reality.

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World Pharmacists Day

Pharmacists are the people who are specialized in prescribing medicines. This day is celebrated in honor of all the Pharmacists world-wide.


The idea of celebrating Pharmacists Day was in the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council in 2009 at Istanbul. The idea behind introducing was to give acknowledgment to the Pharmacists of their work.

Pharmacists are people who treat people worldwide to make the world a healthy place to live with their knowledge of medicine.

So, by celebrating this day we give the pharmacists the credit of their work and encourage them to carry on their unpaid work of saving and enhancing the lives of people.

How to Celebrate:

On this auspicious day, we can show our respect to all the Pharmacists all over the world by posting some valuable message tagging pharmacists on our social media handles.

Many pharmacists will be posting their work today on social media, we can show respect and can appreciate their work.

But don’t respect a pharmacist today only, this is just a reminder for everyone to acknowledge their work. You need to respect pharmacist every time you visit them.



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