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Today let us be grateful for the life we live despite of the troubles and struggles we face. Continue to spread kindness, gratitude and love with posi

Today let us be grateful for the life we live despite of the troubles and struggles we face. Continue to spread kindness, gratitude and love with positive words and actions. Let us celebrate World Rose Day, National Voter Registration Day, and Business Women’s Day in a way that brings a positive change in someone’s life.

World Rose Day 2020: Significance And Theme as Cancer Free Day


World Rose Day

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of a group of cells in the body and can occur at any age. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. World Rose Day is celebrated in the memory of a 12-year-old girl Melinda Rose. Melinda was a cancer patient herself, and made each day meaningful. She touched the lives of other cancer patients in a positive, unforgettable way.

The World Rose Day aims to empower and give a hand to all cancer patients that they can fight the disease and come out strong. There are plethora of ways to celebrate today, cheer up the cancer patients by gifting roses with a message to show them love, support, care and concern. Set up awareness campaigns in your society and educate people about cancer and ways to prevent it. Let us grow together as a community.

National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day aims to celebrate democracy. This day is observed on the fourth Tuesday of September every year. Your right to voting will not hold any value if you are not a registered voter. The day is celebrated by ensuring eligible voters register themselves each year. The awareness campaign provides valuable information for each state as well. This day is timed ideally a few months before big elections of the year to spread awareness among voters at the right time.

Role of women in Modern Day Job System | Muhammad Wasif Chaudhry

Business Women’s Day

This day marks the contribution of women in the business world. You do not need to be a woman to honor Business Women’s Day; men can embrace this date as well. Women are said to be more empathetic and thus come up with better solutions and is no less than a man. Supporting females, promote women in the workplace, encourage their work and equal rights in business and discourage any gender based discrimination are some of the few ways to celebrate Business Women’s Day. Actively seek more female candidates for positions open in the future and bridging gender pay gap along with providing respect to women is equally important.

You can also rejoice Business Women’s Day by learning more about some of the most successful and inspirational female entrepreneurs. There are various ways to support women in the business world, and this need not only be encouraged on Business Women’s Day, but every day going forward.

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