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Each new day comes with new opportunities to celebrate and to become more aware of the things around us. Let us make this year more fruitful by learni

Each new day comes with new opportunities to celebrate and to become more aware of the things around us. Let us make this year more fruitful by learning new things daily. We, at Brag Social, are here to spread awareness about the daily occurring events. Read on to find what is special today.


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This day is celebrated every year on September 15 and allows celebrating and appreciating our democratic society. People who live in a free society take their freedom for granted. But if these freedoms are absent these make life include unimaginable challenges that are often incomprehensible. Today, let’s reflect on the history of democracy around the world, with thanking those who influenced the development of our government, and look for opportunities to promote and protect our own nation’s democracy.




The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that, every year 15th September would be celebrated as the International democracy day. Their goal for this day is to promote the government’s role in maintaining open democracy among all member nations of the UN Charter. Also, to celebrate the system of values democracy promotes, giving citizens the power to make decisions regarding all aspects of their lives.

In 1839, women’s right to vote was also granted.


  1. You can get involved- there are many events which are held by United Nations Organizations across the whole world spreading awareness about democracy. We should enjoy this day by getting involved in these events and promoting civility within societies.
  2. We should learn about political candidates- it is our responsibility to vote, but we should not go to the polling booths uninformed. Today, take some time to learn about the candidates in upcoming local, state, and federal elections.
  3. Exercise your rights- As a member of a democratic government, you wield great power. Democracy is both a goal and a process that hinges upon your involvement. Thanks to digital advancements, it is now easier than ever to contact representatives, advocate for causes, vote and make a difference in our unique form of government. This day gives us great power to the citizens as it gives a voice to its nation’s citizens, enabling them to make changes as they see fit. This day is also based on the change as well as equality.

We are celebrating National Online Learning Day as well.


This day is celebrated on September 15 every year and celebrates the huge array of learning resources that are available to students online. On this day you can learn different and new courses. You can post your online learning experiences and can also connect to fellow learners. The national online day is very resourceful as learning is fun as well as it is good for us. The Internet has made learning interesting with online interacted classes. Although a few people differ, people are enjoying online classes rather than offline ones.

Read more on democracy, here.

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