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Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Keep working hard, celebrate your today with a feeling of enthusiasm, and always focus on whate

Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Keep working hard, celebrate your today with a feeling of enthusiasm, and always focus on whatever you do. Today, on October 8 , we celebrate World Octopus Day, International Podiatry Day, and Pierogi day with much enthusiasm and liveliness worldwide. So let us celebrate and remind ourselves about the importance of these days ion our life.


World Octopus Day

World Octopus Day celebrates one of the most distinctive creatures living on the earth today; the octopus. Octopuses are worthy of appreciation for several reasons. Firstly, they are one of the earth’s great survivors. Even though they have a relatively short lifespan, octopus fossils date back more than 300 million years. It means that they pre-date even dinosaurs. They are also highly intelligent, with around 500 million neurons located in their brains as well as arms, allowing them to bypass their instincts, learn lessons, and solve problems. Besides, they are visually stunning, coming in different colors and shapes. At the same time, the Giant Pacific Octopus can grow to weigh more than 600 pounds!




World Octopus Day was celebrated in conjunction with Cephalopod Awareness Day for the first time.  The Octopus News Magazine Online (TONMO) was the one who founded World Octopus Day. World Octopus Day celebrates its biology, diversity, and conservation. However, they chose the eighth day of the month to acknowledge and show appreciation for animals with eight appendages.

How to Celebrate

Today, you can celebrate by visiting many zoos, aquatic parks, or marine sanctuaries that hold special events educating about the octopus. Additionally, you can read books on octopus or post cool videos about the octopus on your social media


International Podiatry Day

International Podiatry Day is about making sure that everyone knows just how essential it is to look after our feet. The day focuses on raising awareness about foot health for everyone, from the general public to government bodies and health professionals. Our feet’ health can give a good indication of our general health. Instead, even offer warning signs for some illnesses and be closely linked to certain conditions.


The International Federation of Podiatrists is behind International Podiatry Day. The federation has existed since 1947 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing podiatry worldwide. It has 26 member countries sharing research, knowledge, and practice between them.

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate this day by spreading awareness about health and read more about health conditions related to feet. Additionally, you can also use social media platforms or talk to people about why the cause of podiatry and foot health is one you want to promote.


National Pierogi Day

Pierogi are one of the most famous Polish dishes ever to exist, and virtually everyone worldwide treats the word as a synonym of Polish cuisine as a whole. And indeed, so—traditional pierogi are both delicious and filling, and there are many different kinds to choose from.





Pierogi has been around since the days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This dualistic European state existed from the 16th to the 18th centuries. It is important to remember that in those times, most of the work needed to be done physically in fields, forests, etc. And, there were no machines to do it like there are today. Because of this, high-calorie foods such as carbohydrate-rich pierogi were prevalent. Relatively cheap and easy to make, pierogi quickly became one of the most popular Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth dishes.

How to celebrate 

You can celebrate this day by undoubtedly trying some real Polish pierogi. You are sure to be shocked at just how much different authentic pierogi taste from the sticky, bland calorie bombs you’ve tried before.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try to make your own pierogi. The easiest and most basic pierogi are stuffed with a simple mixture of onions, farmers’ cheese, and potatoes. They are the right kind of pierogi to start your Polish cuisine experience with.

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