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We go through time so seamlessly, often we do not even realize that a day is over until the sun sets or the evening tea comes in. In our busy schedule

We go through time so seamlessly, often we do not even realize that a day is over until the sun sets or the evening tea comes in. In our busy schedules and on the mission to chase dreams every day, we forget to live the moment, and just pass through each day rather than living each day. We need not require a purpose to celebrate each day because every day is significant. Here, through the today column, we bring to you the significance of each day. Read on.

World Animal Day

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Humans are often called social animals, as we belong to the same kingdom as the other living creatures do. We are ahead of all others in having a functional brain and the ‘Sixth Sense.’ Simultaneously, we are responsible for taking care of them and creating a friendly ecosystem for everyone to live happily. Today marks the necessity of us human beings to be careful in all our actions towards these furry creatures, and create awareness for animal welfare in our society. The day is a remembrance of Doctor Doolittle, an animal lover himself.

To celebrate today, ditch your fur fabrics and go eco friendly. Also, this is an opportunity to get a start to incorporating animal friendliness in our lifestyle. Make a statement and propagate this idea of animal kindness, that all of us as a community need to adapt in our daily lives. Spread the word through social media, and create the necessary attention the day deserves!

Improve Your Office Day 

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

Everyone aims to have a comfortable workspace. The external environment does influence us in working efficiently and producing better work. At present, companies often look into the aesthetic of their office so that they keep their employees happy and at ease, while working. Today, help to restructure your own workstation once again to the way you prefer it to look like and a one that comforts you. This day has been commemorated each year in the past, and this year is no different. The day does not boast of having strong massive changes, but smaller changes, even the rearrangement of your desk that would create an impact on the way you work.

Now, as the pandemic has brought offices to home, you have more options to play with and work towards, making your home different from the office. Change the curtains, maybe add a flowerpot to the table, whatever you wish, would bring a perfect change to the way you pursue work.


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