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Each day is about something and we should make the most of it. The happiness of each day lies and depends on the quality of life. We need to cherish e

Each day is about something and we should make the most of it. The happiness of each day lies and depends on the quality of life. We need to cherish each moment and seize the day. We at Brag Social, through the column of today, impart to you what each day brings for you and your loved ones! Let us read what today is remarked for!

Techies Day



Computer issues, laptop freezing, webcam not working or the network is incredibly slow, the first thing that comes to our mind when we come across such problems is a techie. You have an important presentation to give in an hour but your laptop isn’t responding, who do you think of calling immediately? Who do you think has the answers to all your technical issues – None other than a techie! Techies Day celebrates the wonderful techies that spend most of their time around technology which is inseparable from our daily lives now.





Techies Day was first established in 1988 by in association with the CNET networks with the purpose of helping high school students become educated about careers in technology. Now, the question arises, who exactly is a techie? A techie is an individual who is deeply interested in technology, an enthusiast and expert in the field of technology and knows the related issues revolving around it. Techies know their way around this technology-driven world and can help those who are perhaps less knowledgeable with technology. In this technology-driven world, with new innovations and technology, we need more and more information technology experts, i.e. Techies to move forward.

How to celebrate Techies Day?

Honouring and celebrating those people who keep the world moving forward for us is a start to celebrate Techies Day. Sending thankyou emails or greetings to the people who keep your printers running, your network flowing, oh yes, and the email you just sent able to get to its destination is another way to celebrate this day. If you are a techie, what better way could be celebrating this day than by gifting yourself a new gadget? Adding a new gadget to your collection would mean that you have been updating. Hence, celebrate this auspicious day by making sure that you’re still on the bleeding edge.

National Poetry Day

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Poetry is the spontaneous flow of emotions, feelings and creative imagination and causes us to pause and bask in the beauty of language. Annually National Poetry Day occurs on a Thursday in late September or early October in the UK and Ireland. This year, the events for the National Poetry Day are set for October 3 that focuses on the theme of change. Poetry may be whimsical, sensitive or quiet and may be different for different sets of individuals.


National Poetry Day was launched by William Sieghart of the Forward Arts Foundation in 1994 to promote the benefits of poetry using public performances by leading poets. Talking about the history of poetry, in the 11th century, “Beowulf” one of the oldest surviving epic poems made literary history. It was written in old English, with almost 3,200 alliterative lines. The first-ever poem to be written was “Epic of Gilgamesh”, a series of Sumerian poems in 2100 BC. Ending 400 years of male dominance, ​Carol Ann Duffy became the first female and openly gay poet laureate in the U.K in 2009. This day – National Poetry Day honours and celebrates the legends and the legacies of poetry.

How to Celebrate National Poetry Day?

There are several ways by which the National Poetry Day can be celebrated, some being – attending or organizing a poetry workshop, or arranging a poetry karaoke evening with near and dear ones. Reading and reminiscing the legendary works of some of the greatest poets in literary history may be another way of celebrating this day. Organizing an online workshop where everyone can share their favourite poems and talk about their favourite poets is yet another way channelising this myriad of art – poetry. To read more about poetry click here


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