Today – October 21

With each passing day we get into new enthusiasm, and new challenges. Every day is new, and worthy of celebration. But, what we often do not realize is that each day has its own significance and we go on with the routine. So, take out a moment and acknowledge that we are here on brand new morning. Read on to know more about why we should put on our party hats, today!

Global Dignity Day

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The 21st century is one of the most developed generations of all time. But, with the growing talks of inclusivity, global community, and social media ruling our lives, self-esteem and self-respect have been hit drastically. Young minds are found to be under huge pressure, and many of them are diagnosed with anxiety. And, in retrospection, it is realized that self-love has been missing from the current generation. But we are moving towards a better change,  people are actively taking steps towards creating a society that is mentally sound. Today, as one of the many steps we are taking towards achieving it, we celebrate Global Dignity Day. 

Global Dignity Day urges all of us to respect and love ourselves a little more than we love anything else. The day started in 2008 and is growing in popularity ever since. This day sees people going to schools and universities and spreading the word and motivation to love and respect oneself. Let us take a pledge that we would accept that we are the most important for ourselves and our sanity matters. Let us move towards keeping our dignity in place and respecting others, striking a balance between both. Spread the word, and help people take the first step towards self-love. 

Reptile Awareness Day

Image by StormmillaGirl from Pixabay

The ecosystem we are part of has all sorts of species, and all of us are interdependent on each other. While we are on top of the chain, we are responsible for taking care of them and creating an environment that is good for them to survive. Reptiles day was formed by enthusiasts who had the intention to draw attention to the reptile friends in our ecosystem. And create an opportunity to educate yourself about their contribution and role in our lives. These days people are happier to have unique pets, and having reptiles as pets are not uncommon anymore. 

You can celebrate today by educating yourself and others about reptiles and importance in your life. Also, we must be conscious of all these organisms in the environment that we keep them in consideration in every decision we make. Use social media and spread the word. Let us make this day impactful.  

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