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Everything is known for something special. We at BragSocial come forward to make you aware what everyday is essential for! Let us know what today is c

Everything is known for something special. We at BragSocial come forward to make you aware what everyday is essential for! Let us know what today is celebrated for!

National Custodial Workers Day

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National Custodial Workers Day recognizes the endless hard work by the employees who keep our workplaces and surroundings clean and sanitized. They work at really low wages and mainly survive in poverty.

We major times pass them and even do not glare at them or notice their work. Therefore, 2nd October is marked for them to appreciate their work and to make people aware of their importance in our lives. If they would not be there, diseases would have prevailed all over. They are one of the major reasons we are healthy and can go anywhere we desire.

How to celebrate?

we can all do our part to help them do their jobs too. We can fulfill our responsibilities as citizens by throwing the garbage in the right place. At the workplace, after the break, pick up after ourselves in the lunch/break room. We can also do some light dusting around our desks, office, or cubicle.

Secondary, if you know any custodian, thank them in whichever way you can. And also you can throw a party for all the custodian workers you know, make it a surprise for them so that they can feel this special day which is meant for them.

National Manufacturing Day

source- Wikipedia

National manufacturing day is marked to recognize the importance of people who are responsible for our goods and services. The development of products and techniques to produce them is continuous. The major importance is that they create a huge number of employment opportunities which increases the economy of the country.

Today’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) graduates will power the next chapter of American production and innovation. Harnessing their potential is an economic imperative.

How to Observe?

Explore innovative ideas and try to find new technologies. Watch for new opportunities opening up everywhere in the manufacturing field. Observe the work and try to visit manufacturing centers and have a glare on how things work out. Keep yourself upgraded as well as show gratitude towards all the workers and manufacturers you come across.

International Day of Non-Violence

Source- wikipedia

The International Day of Non-Violence is celebrated on 2 October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian Independence Movement and a pioneer in the theory and policy of non-violence.


According to resolution A / RES/61/271 of the General Assembly of 15 June 2007 establishing the commemoration, the International Day is an opportunity to “share the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness.” The resolution reaffirms the “universal value of the non-violence ethic” and the need to “ensure a community of unity, harmony, empathy, and non-violence.”

Presenting the resolution to the General Assembly on behalf of 140 co-sponsors, Mr. Anand Sharma, India’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, claimed that the large and varied support of the resolution represented the universal reverence for Mahatma Gandhi and the enduring importance of his ideology Quoting his own words from the late king, he said, “Non-violence is the greatest power in the hands of mankind. “It is more powerful than the mightiest tool of destruction invented by man’s creativity.”

What Do People Do?

The International Day of Non-Violence is observed by many individuals, governments, and non-governmental organizations around the world through various events and activities, such as:

1-Day-promoting news stories and broadcast announcements.

2-Non-violence public lectures, workshops, meetings, and news conferences.

3-Image exhibits illustrate challenges, such as the risks of illegal small arms trafficking.

4-Campaigns for street knowledge.

5-Ceremonies of Light to foster non-violence and tolerance.

6-Multi-faith gatherings for prayer.

The International Day of Non-Violence has close ties with the works, values, and methods of Mahatma Gandhi, who is recognized as the “Father of the Country” of India, the peace leader.

” We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion.”

It means to bring peace, we don’t need weapons and rockets, we need love and compassion. Colorful protests and marches on weekends are important, but they are not strong enough to avoid wars alone. Only when soldiers refuse to fight, when workers refuse to load weapons on ships and planes, when citizens boycott the world-wide economic outposts of the Empire, will w

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