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Each day is about something and we should make the most of it. The happiness of each day lies and depends on the quality of life. We need to cherish e

Each day is about something and we should make the most of it. The happiness of each day lies and depends on the quality of life. We need to cherish each moment and seize the day. We at Brag Social, through the column of today, impart to you what each day brings for you and your loved ones! Let us read what today is remarked for!

Today, on October 16, we celebrate the World Food Day to spread awareness about starvation and Boss’s Day to celebrate the efforts of our bosses

World Food Day

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We are fortunate and privileged with amazing food that we get to indulge ourselves in. However, world food day does not just celebrate the exquisite cuisines and dishes but also aims at spreading awareness for people who do not have such privileges. We live in a world where a major portion of the world’s population can indulge in any sort of food they wish for without a second thought while others are struggling with starvation.

World Food Day was created to celebrate the launch of the United Nation’s food and Agriculture Organization and was established in 1945. This day aims at looking after the several aspects of food security and agriculture, including fishing communities, climate change and biodiversity. World Food Day allows us to raise awareness about starvation and combat this problem.

How to Celebrate?
The best way to celebrate World Food Day is by serving food to the people who are under-privileged and do not get proper food and nutrition. You may visit the nearest food bank and volunteer to feed needy people.
You may conduct events and distribute free food in your neighbourhood, spread awareness about starvation and healthy diets. Posting online is the trend and you may reach to more people via this mode. So, spread awareness about World Food Day and its motive.

National Boss’s Day

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When we enter the work field, we all have people above us who guide us and teach us how things are done at the workplace. These people are referred to as our bosses. Sometimes, we do not value their worth and the things they do for us rather crib over the deadlines and workload given by them. Bosses never brag about the things they do for us, but all they do is ensure everything moves along smoothly.

Boss’s Day was discovered in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski while working as a secretary at State Farm Insurance. This day became official when she registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She was working with her father when she realized that employees rarely showed appreciation for these people who kept their workplaces moving smoothly. The work of her father was barely recognized and thus she chose her father’s birthday to celebrate Boss’s Day.

How to celebrate?

Realizing their worth and appreciating their efforts that they put every day is a step at celebrating this day. You may always opt for thankyou greeting cards and let them know how much you appreciate what they do on a daily basis.
Boss’ Day can also be a good opportunity to learn and discuss what they do each day to keep your workplace moving smoothly. A simple gesture appreciating them will suffice the beautiful celebration.

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