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Let us Respect Nurses and Standardize Things

Today, on October 14, we are celebrating National Emergency Nurses Day and World Standards day. One is a support to our lives and the other is a way t

Today, on October 14, we are celebrating National Emergency Nurses Day and World Standards day. One is a support to our lives and the other is a way to live our lives in a better way.

Everyone wants to live a long life and today, technology has made it possible for every one of us in spite of so many diseases. Our doctors use these technologies to treat their patients and our nurses assist them.

We all want things to be simplified in our lives and for this, we standardize some places and times for specific things in our lives and with motive, our experts use their expertise for standardizing things at the international level.

National Emergency Nurses Day


Nurses are the ones who assist patients day and night in the absence and presence of the doctor.

Emergency nurses take care of the patients who have serious and critical health conditions, and who need attention every minute to get them out of the dead bed.

Emergency nurses do a very tough job to stabilize the condition of critical state patients.


In 1989, the first Emergency Nurses Day celebration was held by the Emergency Nurses Association. In honor of emergency nurses, for their services, the second Wednesday of October month was decided to be celebrated as Emergency Nurses Day.

In 2001, it was decided to celebrate a whole week for the celebration Emergency Nurses Week but the Emergency Nurses Day remains the most important day of this celebration week.

In Emergency Nurses Week, the demonstration of the work of emergency nurses is demonstrated at various events and programs so that people understand and respect their hard work. They also urge people to remain fit.

How to Celebrate:

If you or your relative have ever been attended by an emergency nurse, show gratitude by sending them a thankyou card or any small gift.

You may also give shout outs at the social media, showing respect to the hard work, patience, and determination these emergency nurses show for their work.

World Standards Day


Standardization is very important in one’s life and when it comes to common things between billions of people together then it becomes a big necessity of standardization.


Each year on October 14, World Standards Day is celebrated all over the world, it is an International Celebration.

This day is celebrated in honor of the thousands of great experts, worldwide, who have paid their contribution, in order to publish the voluntary technical agreement developed as International Standards.

Some of the standard development organizations are the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), etc.

How to Celebrate:

Read about the Standard Development Organizations, know more about them, how they work, how they standardize things, and how it helps people of all over the world.

Post the information you have gained on your social media handles and let others also know about it.

Post something thanking these experts who contribute their efforts to make things simplified for people all over the world.


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