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October 13 – A Preventive, Awareness Spreading and Encouraging Day

The best learning for us is that prevention is better than cure, so it is better to prepare yourselves from today. Natural calamity also needs prepara

The best learning for us is that prevention is better than cure, so it is better to prepare yourselves from today. Natural calamity also needs preparation and today we are celebrating International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Today, most of the people are working under an organization which is a business owned by someone. So, today is the day on which people around the globe, encourage youths who want to start their own business by celebrating Own Business Day.

Some of the diseases are treated as uncommon and shameful by the society but times are changing and people are boycotting these myths and are trying to know the root cause of the disease, one of such diseases is Herpes. Today, we are celebrating National Herpes Awareness Day.

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction


Natural calamities come with a great force of destruction and they reach without informing, although technology has developed so much to detect the upcoming disasters, we still face disasters that cause a lot of destruction, till date.


In 1989 at United Nations General Assembly, members decided to declare a day to spread awareness for the prevention of natural disasters.

Since 1989, October 13 is celebrated as International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

On this day many communities around the globe organize several programs about Natural Disasters and talk about their prevention measures which an individual can take to avoid destructions.

How to Celebrate:

You can contribute your bit by organizing a small program in your society for discussing natural disasters, what are their signs, and what preventions can be taken before and after the disaster arrives.

To spread more awareness, you can post the videos of the related programs on your social media or create posts with necessary information about the Disaster risk reduction.

National Herpes Awareness Day

Herpes is an infection caused by the virus – Herpes Simplex Virus. In this, the major symptom is appearing of sores or blisters generally around the mouth or genital areas.


In the past, herpes was a misunderstood disease. It was observed in many species for millions of years but was treated as an embarrassment and a shameful act among society.

October 13 was chosen to be the day to spread awareness about this disease so that people come forward and take treatment for this disease because people were not coming out as this was taken as an act of embarrassment.

How to Celebrate:

There are people in the society who still consider this disease as a shameful act and do not come forward for the required treatment. This is because they do not know what kind of disease is Herpes. Thus, it is important to spread awareness regarding this disease and share the right amount of information for the same.

You can give your bit by spreading awareness to as many people as you can by whatever means you are comfortable with.

Own Business Day


Business is the base of our economy, the large networks of the markets spread all over the world are the result of growing businesses.

Many people are there who want to start their own business with their own ideas and skills, this day is devoted to these peoples only, to encourage them.


Own Business Day was first celebrated in 2016, where almost 20 countries from all over the globe participated, and in the following year, i.e. 2017, the participation of the number of countries was almost doubled.

Own Business Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of October each year, on this day, some activities are conducted on an international level where most of the young entrepreneurs represent their country, sharing their own experience, and discussing ideas for starting businesses.

How to Celebrate:

If you were thinking of starting your business then today is the right day to start, give yourself a chance and your idea a try.

People fear the risks involved in starting a new business and hence, this reason forbids them a chance to embark on something new. If you have thoughts regarding new business ideas or the risks involved, you can always approach someone experienced. Also, social media is huge, share, and discuss your thoughts and ideas.

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