Today – October 12

Let us be grateful to our Farmers and Columbus

Today which we are living in is a gift of someone from the past, we should we grateful to. Today is well defined by a quote “The science of today is t

Today which we are living in is a gift of someone from the past, we should we grateful to. Today is well defined by a quote “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”.

The part of the land on which we are living today is a discovery of someone in the past, we should be thankful. The food we are eating today is grown out of the hard work and sweat of the farmers, we should be grateful to them.

Be grateful for all those people who are providing you the things you are enjoying today.

Today, let us celebrate two main days, Famers Day and Columbus Day, one is the provider for the food you eat and the other is the founder of America.

Farmers’ Day


Farming is believed to be the oldest industry in human civilization. Farmers are the one who works hard on the fields and produces crops which feeds all of us today and every day of the year.


The exact date on which people started celebrating farmers’ day is not known but it is exclaimed that people started celebrating farmers day in the early eighties.

Farmers day was decided to be celebrated on October 12 because harvesting season completes before October 12 so, farmers will also be free to attend this celebration, which is organized for them.

The main motive for celebrating this day is to show respect and everyone to acknowledge the hard work of a farmer for feeding the entire nation.

How to Celebrate:

This is not a celebration which should be celebrated on this specific date and forget, it is just a reminder for the people all over the world to acknowledge the hard work of the farmers and be grateful to them.

Before eating, be thankful to the god and the farmers who are providing this food. Try not to waste your food but to feed someone who is hungry.

Post videos, pictures and posts related to the farmers on social media, expressing your gratitude towards them, and try encouraging people to acknowledge the hard work of our sincere farmers.

Columbus Day


Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 at Genoa in Italy. He was an Italian explorer and navigator. He was been instructed to find the shortest water route from Europe to Asia.

In search of the water route from Europe to Asia, he made four trips but was unable to find the route. On one of his trips, he accidentally discovered New World in America.


Columbus Day is recognized as a national holiday in many countries in America. Columbus Day is celebrated as the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America.

The Columbus Day celebration took place for the first time in 1792 at Columbian Order, better known as Tammany Hall in New York, it was the 300th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival.

In 1937, October 12 was officially declared as Columbus Day by Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of at that time.

How to Celebrate:

Read and learn about how Columbus accidentally landed up in America, how he used to manage to live in unknown lands for so many days, and many more things can be studied because at that technology was not advanced so how they managed everything.

Encourage people to know about the history of Columbus’s discoveries, achievements and the contribution in discovering America, which is one of the most powerful countries of the world in the current time.

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