Today – October 10

Let us make our Mental Health Fit and Enjoy the Migration of Birds

Today is the most precious day and now is the most precious moment, so never waste these precious moments in negative thinking, fly with your dreams a

Today is the most precious day and now is the most precious moment, so never waste these precious moments in negative thinking, fly with your dreams and let others fly for their lives peacefully. Our life cycle depends on animals, birds and all the surrounding habitats, it does not simply just depend on us.

We need to take care of all the gifts of nature around us whether they are birds, animals, plants because each of these things is not just for the show’s sake, they are part of our lives. We will think about others only when we are happy from inside, looking happy just for showing others does not make a person actually happy, so before everything you need to learn to smile from the heart.

Today, on October 10 we are celebrating two very important days, World Mental Health Day and World Migratory Bird Day.

World Mental Health Day


Mental health is a very important aspect of our lives, it needs our attention and care. Without fit mental health, we cannot focus on our work and we even could not look beautiful.

Mental health plays a very crucial role in making us physically fit and achieving success in our lives. Good mental health puts a natural smile on our face and gives a positive attitude towards our life and work both.


World mental health day was initialized by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) in 1992. World Federation for Mental Health is a global mental health organization with more than 150 countries as members.

On October 10, 1992, World Mental Health Day was initialized by Deputy Secretary-General Richard Hunter, a member of WFMH. World Mental Health Day is also supported and celebrated by the WHO. The motive for initializing this day was to aware people of the importance of mental health in one’s life.

Till 1994, there were no themes for celebrating World Mental Health Day but on October 10, 1994, it was celebrated with a theme “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World” proposed by Secretary-General Eugene Brody.

How to Celebrate:

This year the theme for celebrating this day is “Move for mental health: Increased investment in mental health”. We can celebrate this day by posting the importance of mental health on our social media and by talking to people who are feeling uncomfortable disclosing about their mental health but they are suffering from un-fit mental health.

World Migratory Bird Day


Like we humans have the right to travel anywhere in this world for increasing our level of living and for gaining more excellence, the same way this world also belongs to all the other living beings, they also have a right to travel and live.

Birds also migrate for their livelihood, the reasons could be food, weather, and many others. Humans are disrupting their migration, knowingly or unknowingly, this day tries to remind people that they should also care for bird’s life.


United Nations initialized World Migratory Bird Day in 2006 with the motive of spreading awareness about conserving birds and their natural habitats. This day is celebrated on the second Saturday of May and October.

This day is dedicated to International Conservation efforts and Environmental Education in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean.

How to Celebrate:

Every year, many people around the globe make efforts for making people aware of the threats faced by migratory birds, their ecological importance, and the need for cooperation of everyone around the globe to conserve them.

Many programs and activities are organized every year in natural parks, schools for this day, you can take part and encourage other people to do the same by posting this on your social media.


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