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Each day is about something and we should make the most of it. The happiness of each day lies and depends on the quality of life. We need to cherish e

Each day is about something and we should make the most of it. The happiness of each day lies and depends on the quality of life. We need to cherish each moment and seize the day. We at Brag Social, through the column of today, impart to you what each day brings for you and your loved ones! Let us read what today is remarked for!

World Vegetarian Day

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Animal cruelty is a serious issue, and there are people who have made their lifestyles animal friend. These people are vegetarians who go meat-free and to celebrate their decision to eliminate meat and animal products from their diet and live a more conscientious life, World Vegetarian day is honoured. 


World Vegetarian Day was established in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) to help promote the vegetarian way of life. It is celebrated to educate people on the health and social benefits of making the move to eliminate meat from their diets. Vegetarian diets not only help to remove animal fats and cholesterol but also increases the consumption of fibres and anti-oxidants that help fighting cancer. Issues with cardiovascular diseases, which is a leading cause of death in the United States alone, can be easily avoided with meat-free meals and diets. Many must be unaware of the fact that going vegan can add 13 healthy years to our lives, statistically proven.

How to celebrate World Vegetarian Day?

Although you have no desire to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle every day, you can give a chance to explore the vegetarian cuisine on World Vegetarian Day. Dive on to veggie cheeseburgers and veggie pizza, to tofu and carrot sticks, enjoy the meat-free delights on this day. Apart from adopting a meat-free diet you can also enrich your knowledge on vegan diets and can also share the healthy benefits of vegetarian diets with family and friends online. Another way to celebrate this day is to shop from your local farmer’s market. This way you tend to have the freshest fruits and vegetables that will appeal to your mood and taste buds. 

International Day for Older Persons 

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It is important to recognize the importance of supporting senior citizens and OAPs within our society to acknowledge their long-term contribution to society. With people living their lives and working longer, we sometimes fail to acknowledge and respect our elders. To honour their grace and to ensure that we’re doing our best to give something back to our elders we celebrate the International Day for Older Persons.


Observed on the 1st of October every year, the International Day for Elder people was established by the United Nations General Assembly. The date was voted on 14th December 1990 and recorded in the Resolution 45/106. On 1st October 1991, the first holiday for International Day for Older Persons was observed. This day is synonymous to the National Grandparents Day in the United States, the Double Ninth Festival in China and the Respect for the Aged Day in Japan. The primary agenda of these days is a focus of ageing organizations and the United Nations Programme on Ageing. 

How to celebrate International Day for Older Persons 

This day can be celebrated by raising awareness about issues affecting the elderly such as elderly abuse. It is also a happy occasion to appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of our elders. This day is about gratitude and respect and to show love, care and support to older people. You can always show your love and gratitude by making hand-made greeting cards and offering things that comfort them. It is not just about offering things that the old people need, but sometimes all they need is love, compassion and you sitting beside them and talk.

“The harvest of old age is the recollection and abundance of blessing previously secured.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Cherish this day and make the most of it by being there with your grandparents and spend time with them. This surely will bring a smile on to the evergreen faces of older people! 


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