Today – November 19

Every day we follow a timetable. Well, we do not always follow it to time. But we have a routine. Although a monotonous routine might make life mechanical. Let us look at some engrossing events today to step away from the daily routine. We have International Men’s day, National Rural Health Day, and World Toilet Day today on November 19. Three engrossing events to do some mindful, relaxing, and helpful deeds.


International Men’s Day

It has been proven that physically men are strong. And mentally, there are the infirm. It is because of this that many men do not know how to handle emotional stress. That causes them to take extreme measures such as suicide. The traditional society expects men to bottle up any feelings and be the macho man. But what they don’t realize is that it will be damaging for men.


Since 1999, the Caribbean initiative celebrated International Men’s Day all over the world. November 19 is chosen as a day to represent the importance of men’s mental health. Seminars, conferences, and other activities are conducted. These highlights the need to acknowledge the fact that men too need emotional support.

How to celebrate

The best approach shall be social media. For those who are in organizations or other forums, you can conduct activities and speeches. For those of us who are at home. We best utilize the power of the internet. Raise awareness about mental wellbeing and be grateful for the people around us.

World Toilet Day

The concept of the toilet had been introduced in the 16th century. We obviously do not want to know what happened before that, or some of you may already know. Since the 16th century, toilets have evolved and re-invented to be of convenience to humans. Although convenience has improved highly, sanitation is still a problem.


2001 November 19 marked the day as world toilet day. The United Nations declared it. Underlining the need for sustainable sanitation for toilets. Clean water for hand wash is needed too. Along with that, a good soap is also a necessity.  All this protects us from any harmful genital and other diseases.

How to celebrate

Clean your bathroom. That is a start. Spread awareness of the gravity of sanitation. Also, spread awareness for wastewater recycling. Waste management is also crucial for agricultural purposes. Spread awareness about that too. If you would like, do volunteer with organizations that work for the enhancement of safety and sanitation.

National Rural Health Day

Rural areas as it goes are in remote areas. Transport to these areas is minimal and difficult. But then again it is this area from where we get our “farm fresh veggies” or even milk. Another downside is that the people who live there have minimal access to healthcare. Rural, as it goes, is self-sufficient in many ways. It is just not able to cope up with the optimal level of healthcare.


The National Organisation of States Office of Rural Heath declared National Rural Health day. Moreover, this shows the “ Power of Rural”. This highlights the importance of the need for better healthcare for rural areas. Also, to bring into light the unique techniques of medicinal practices of the rural.

How to celebrate

Become volunteers for rural healthcare. Spread awareness about rural medicinal practices. Brainstorming ideas for new initiatives. Indulge yourself with the rural department of the government with your ideas. Encourage others also to get involved with their views too. Do this today November 19 to help all those you can.

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