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Welcome to another bright day in May. There’s always something or the other happening around the world. The world, being so large, has witnessed infinite inventions, innovations, achievements, and other milestones in the past, some of which are so great, that they create a space for themselves in the books of history. You can do something amazing today, and maybe it is something that we write about in the Today column in the coming years. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with all the happenings of the past and present. 31 May has also witnessed some amazing events in the past. Let’s read about them!

1879: New York’s Madison Square Garden opened its doors for the first time

Madison Square Garden was an arena in New York City at the northeast corner of East 26th Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan. After the death of Commodore Vanderbilt, who owned the site, his grandson William Kissam Vanderbilt took back control and announced on May 31, 1879, that the arena was to be renamed “Madison Square Garden.”

1902: The Treaty of Vereeniging

The Second Boer War ends with the Treaty of Vereeniging, which was a peace treaty, signed on 31 May 1902. The war was fought with the South African Republic and the Orange Free State, on the one side, and Great Britain on the other.

1910: Union of South Africa became independent

Union of South Africa declares its independence from the United Kingdom. The Union of South Africa is the historical predecessor to the present-day Republic of South Africa. It included the territories that were formerly a part of the South African Republic and the Orange Free State.

1979: Zimbabwe proclaimed its independence

Following the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979, there was a transition to internationally recognized majority rule in 1980; the United Kingdom ceremonially granted Zimbabwe independence on 18 April that year.

May 31 is all about spreading awareness and happiness. Want to know why? Read further:


Throughout the year, we celebrate several days to create awareness about some diseases, infections, or harmful commodities. No Tobacco Day is one of them. Smoking, an addiction, is highly injurious to health. But, the good news is that in recent times there has been more of a focus on people quitting smoking, and societies trying to go smoke-free. You can see it every day, people standing outside in the rain huddled over a burning stick of foul tobacco. The stench gets into their clothes, stains their teeth, and also permeates the air around them. No Tobacco Day is dedicated to all those people who are determined to leave this foul substance behind them and encourage others to do so as well.

Over three decades ago, the World Health Organization created this day to allow the celebration of non-smoking, and to encourage those who do smoke to perform some level of abstinence from all forms of tobacco for at least 24-hours. For so many decades, tobacco companies have intentionally used their marketing strategies to try to target younger and more impressionable people, and this has led to a surge in a lot of cancer deaths among young people. The idea of this day is to draw awareness to the perils of tobacco, as well as having a specific day that people can use to give them the motivation to get clean and steer away from tobacco and tobacco-related products.


World Meditation Day is a call to the world and its people to take time to participate in this millennia-old practice and clear our minds, remembering that we are people first, and workers second.  Meditation has been an integral part of many religions, especially Buddhism, and was first found spoken of in written form in about 1500 BCE in India. It is also practiced by those who are neither spiritual nor religious as a way of easing stress and clearing their mind. Meditation has multiple benefits like reducing stress, helping with anxiety, reducing distractions, improving concentration, and more to keep the list going. Celebrate this day by setting some time aside for yourself to clear your mind and relax.





Today, National Smile Day encourages everyone to wear their best smile. Smile is a sign of happiness and pleasure. We generate a smile when funny things happen or when we find pleasure in the things we do. Someone we love or enjoy spending time with may be the cause of a grin or beaming look of joy on our face. Smiles are powerful, no doubt. They not only create engagement between two people but it is also said that the more a person smiles, the healthier their brain can be. Smiling has a direct link to our brain and can help to reduce stress and worries.

There is so much a smile can do. Just one smile can brighten someone’s day and it can also improve your day. Smiles are infectious. A healthy smile can develop confidence and generate a new outlook on the world.

Looking for a birthday twin today? Let us help you!

Erik Karlsson

Erik Karlsson is a Swedish professional ice hockey player. He has been a two-time winner of the James Norris Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s best defenceman. Karlsson is the alternate captain for the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League. He was honored with the NHL-All-Star award for four consecutive years from 2016. In his career spanning for over decades, he has set many records to his name. The most recent one being, in 2018–19 Karlsson’s first season with the Sharks he set a franchise record for most consecutive games with a point with 14.




Helen Fisher 

Helen Fisher is an anthropologist. She is a self-help author and an active researcher of human behavior. Helen is a leading expert on the biology of love and attraction. She said that when she began researching for her dissertation, she considered the one thing all humans have in common – their reproductive strategies. In 2009 she starred in the ABC’s special, Him? Why Her? In this science seduction, she addressed brain chemistry and romantic love.

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