Today – June 29


Today – June 29

Each new day should be received with gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing new beginning it has provided and helped us see the bright light in the morning. This gratitude should be celebrated with all ways you can. So, we through this Today column, bring to you the amazing reasons you can use to enjoy your day.

Camera Day

Cameras have evolved along with many other technical gadgets. Now, we have the flexibility of clicking pictures with our mobile phones and hardly do we turn to that big and strong equipment solely for capturing each beautiful moment and cherishing them forever. Actually, when we had only cameras with us, the most special moments were made to the cut, but now each and everything makes it to the galleries and any beautiful things get lost in the myriad of shots. 

Today, is thus a humble reminder to all of us, to get back to the cameras and feel how different they made us feel. Take your camera to work and click some shots that would be on your phone otherwise. Click your lunch hours and some goofy moments with your colleagues. Have some fun, and capture them through the lens that was developed first. 

Waffle Iron Day 

So again here is a day for the dessert lovers. As we reach near the end of June, we are bound to celebrate with some sweets. Today is a day that celebrates waffle irons, that are primarily seen in Northwestern Europe, took over a lot of places around the world, and made wafers a part of the staples. One of the most popular uses of waffles was seen by a man named George Bang in 1904. So one day, when George went out of vessels to serve ice cream, he served them on rolled-up waffles, giving them a new dimension of use. 

Celebrate today by gifting yourself an amazing waffle iron. Make your day special and use it to make your evening snack and surprise your little ones or elders at home, who are diligent fans of sweets.  



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