Today – July 19

National Ice Cream Day


Every year, 3rd Sunday of July is celebrated as National Ice Cream Day in honor of the best source of bursting the summer heat.  When was this day observed as a special one? It was in 1984 when Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream month and established National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in July. This proclamation glorified the dairy industry of America. Americans in 1983 were consuming 887 million gallons of ice cream.

Every year, approximately 23 gallons of ice-cream is consumed in America on an average. However, New Zealand stands to be the top ice cream consumer in the world. Enjoy this day by sharing ice cream with your family and friends. Experiment new flavors or create your own. Visit your favorite ice cream parlor, raid it, and give them a shout out on social media.

National Daiquiri Day

It is a special day to designate a special refreshing drink. Daiquiri was invented in a small mining town of Daiquiri near Santiago, Cuba. The credits are given to an engineer named Jennings Stockton Cox. He came up with this idea to cool down during the summer month, with a simple blend of lime juice, sugar and local Bacardi rum, over cracked ice. This he found to be the best way to boost the morale of mine workers during the hot months. For this, not only did he receive a generous stipend from the company, he also received a monthly gallon of Bacardi to continue supplying the refreshing drink.

Today is a merry day for every cocktail lover. Find recipes and create your own daiquiri. Call your friends and throw a daiquiri party.

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