Today – July 1


Today – July 1

We have successfully completed half a year. 2020 flew by like a shooting star, and here we are at the inauguration of July. It has been a long year ahead just like the months that went by. The days that passed have taught us many things and we are going to rock the rest of the months as well. We bring to you the different reasons we should be celebrating each day through this Today column so read on to know why you should. 

World Joke Day 

Laughters, giggles, and smiles would be the most cherished when we go down memory lane and revisit our best days. Waves of laughter that fill our hearts and the smiles that pump energy are a necessity these days. But, getting a smile on someone’s face is not an easy task. It does take efforts to make a person roll on the floor laughing. Today is like a memento, that reminds us how important it is in our lives to be happy and spread positivity through smiles. We need to value others’ smiles and our smiles as well. Along with it is important to value people who bring smiles into our lives. 

You can celebrate today by joining your friends tonight and having a jokes night all together. You need not be the funniest guy in the room, but you can be a reason for just a single smile. Applaud people who bring happiness to your lives, and also do not forget to share your inherent positivity through your social media handles.

Postal Worker Day

Postal workers are the important blocks in the supply chain, who make it easy for us to receive our parcels and mails on time. Several postal workers go out each day, irrespective of the weather conditions, the hardships they encounter to serve us, and help us get onto the valuable information on the proper time. Thus, we are supposed to thank them for all their service and give them their due. 

The national postal worker day invites Americans to share their personal stories of appreciation and gratitude about their favorite postal worker at the link Also, today you can surprise your neighborhood postal workers some chocolates. Tell them how important they are in your lives and thank them with all your heart. Also, inform people about the importance of today. 



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