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The clock never stops, the hands keep rushing at their pace, and we need to keep up with them. Not every day brings in excitement and showers of joy,

The clock never stops, the hands keep rushing at their pace, and we need to keep up with them. Not every day brings in excitement and showers of joy, some days we stumble upon disappointments. But, to stay gloomy and embrace melancholy, or just shatter them with our smile, is all that comes from within. In simple words, we are sad when we choose to be. So, here we bring to you several reasons to make Today count and celebrate each day. The Today column brings to you the reasons to celebrate each day!

Today we are celebrating the awesomeness of human nature and skill, in two different ways. Read on.

Humanitarian day

Each year, thousands of men and women in the human race put their own life in risk, functioning in Humanitarian causes all over the planet. They are functioning in nearly all poverty and sickness- suffering third humanity countries across the world. Often in many areas of immense social violence, these devoted heroes put their lives on the line, and from time to time, lose themselves in the chase of their goals and ambitions. World Humanitarian Day is when we keep in mind these heroes and their sacrifices and compromises.

History of humanitarian day

World Humanitarian Day was recognized by the United Nations General Assembly to honor the passing away of Sergio Vieira de Mello, and 21 of his fellow humanitarians in a terror campaign at the Baghdad headquarters of the UN. Sergio had worked at an enormous scale and attempted to jointly the Draft for the administrator designation of World Humanitarian Day.

How to celebrate humanitarian day?

Take World Humanitarian Day as your time to stimulate your pains to hold up the world’s poor. It all begins with education, so take some time to learn the countries where conflict is at the present captivating place, and study the circumstances of their least lucky. It is a widespread known fact that a daily man is a victim of politics in a world much larger than their small communities. But, however, comes home to them every day in the form of privation and violent behavior.

Photography day

Today we celebrate the art of photography as well. So, Photography Day is a day whereby we give a mark of respect to the unbelievable skill form that is photography. Just imagine how vital photography is, and it is not simple to observe why this date is richly deserved.


History of photography day

The photograph at first was made by Nicéphore Niépce, using silver chloride outside layer a portion of paper. However, the photo would ultimately turn fully dark as he knew no way to get rid of the silver chloride from the paper to protect the photo.

Photographs evolved over the years, first with the ‘still camera’, and the skill to take a picture in different ways. Consider the old west in America, and that camera’s difference to the ones of World War 2, and then contrast them to modern cameras. The main jumps in technology exaggerated photography as much as any other features of life about the world.


How to celebrate photography day?

The best way to celebrate photography day that you can go and capture some flora and fauna, either in the wild or at a zoo. Perhaps some of your family photos wouldn’t be out of the query, and you might even use them in the yearly celebration cards in place of the store sitting still. Or go see a museum about taking pictures, if you have one nearby to visit.

Life become what we choose to create it. It is a reflection of what we think, and on that note here is a thought to ponder over.

You just cannot beat

The person who never gives up”

Babe Ruth

It is a harsh world out there ready to knock you down at every step of your journey to success. In the struggle to achieve, no one is a true friend as people are envious. You are your biggest friend as well as enemy because if you adopt a defeatist attitude after a couple of setbacks, you will never rise but the whole world together cannot keep you down if you rise up after every knock you get. So, do not give up, brush yourself up and get back in the race.

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