Today – August 10

The clock never stops, the hands keep rushing at their pace, and we need to keep up with them. Not every day brings in excitement and showers of joy,

The clock never stops, the hands keep rushing at their pace, and we need to keep up with them. Not every day brings in excitement and showers of joy, some days we stumble upon disappointments. But, to stay gloomy and embrace melancholy, or just shatter them with our smile, is all that comes from within. In simple words, we are sad when we choose to be. So, here we bring to you several reasons to make today count and celebrate each day. The Today column brings to you the reasons to celebrate each day!

Ultimate pleasure and satisfaction in life is when you feel good about yourself, because that is what makes us happy, and not something that happens on the outside. Happiness is within us, in our own minds. It is important to have a positive attitude towards ourselves, others, and life in general, especially when it seems that luck is not on our side.

Our thoughts can reach a height or cause it to sink into the depths of despair. When we think positive thoughts, we will attract positive thoughts, we will attract positive situations and people. When we focus on the negative aspects of our lives, we attract more negativity. Our thoughts are often full of positive or negative emotions and are rarely neutral.

If you want good things in your life, think positive and be thankful. Feel the joy, peace, and happiness. Keep your mind free from, worry and fear. Do not waste mental energy on negative thinking. To make tomorrow beautiful, think of it today. Decide now to be happy and learn skills of rejoicing life and the world around you.


“Every is more beautiful when

You experience them with a smile.”


Today, there is another reason for us to rejoice, we are celebrating vlogging today! Ye, it is ‘Vlogging Day‘.

So let us talk about what is vlogging? So vlogging is a particular art, and it has become a new and well-liked method for people to make a mark on the internet. There’s an entire day devoted to the work of vlogging and building a community. And, this particular day is known as vlogging day.

What is the history behind vlogging day? 

Summer in the City, the UK’s main online video festival, found Vlogging Day to rejoice its 10th anniversary of bringing a specific community of vloggers and fans mutually. Summer in the City, mainly focuses on its creators, viewers, and professionals in the community by allowing people to make lasting connections with one another. Summer in the City hosts its own meet and greets, live performances, prize ceremonies, discussion panels, and expos that let everyone involved have a superior time.

How can we celebrate vlogging day?

One of the best ways to rejoice and commemorate this celebration is by uploading a plain video of yourself to your favorite social media website and use the hashtag #VloggingDay, and let everyone know it is time to vlog. You can also utilize this awesome day to listen to your preferred vloggers and hear their stories.

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