Today – 8 June

Best Friends Day 

Life will be hollow without friends. Partners in crime, our support system, our go-to party animal, and many more tasks are accomplished by just one soul, truly a lifesaver they are. We often forget that our life gets complete because of these people, our fellow friends. We take them for granted and never try to acknowledge their presence in our lives. But, today is a day to do so. A day when we should ring our best friend and tell them how much we owe them. Make the special one in your life, feel special today. 

To celebrate, you needn’t do all glossy things and things that are out of the box. If you can do it, well and good, or just take your friend to your favorite place to hang out and spend quality time with them. Let them know why they are special and you’ll be there for them forever. Spend your day with your best friend, folks! 

World Oceans Day

The Earth is a blue planet, two-thirds of the sphere is covered by a blanket of vibrant blue. The oceans make the most part of the Earth and we all are descendants of the sea. The sea is where all our lives started. Still, the oceans are home to millions of creatures, and all of them live there peacefully. Today has been coined as the day for all of us, to understand and appreciate the influence of oceans in our lives. To acknowledge why oceans have been a blessing in all our lives. In 2008, the UN gathered and uniformly created World Oceans Day. Celebrating the day is important because we are potentially unaware of the fact that oceans are very important and they are essential parts of making our lives go on for years. The sustainable use of the oceans has become non- existent. But, today seems a day to get back to the oceans and remind ourselves of its integral help in our lives.  


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