Today – 7 July

We have successfully completed half a year. 2020 is flying by like a shooting star, and here we are at July. It is a long year ahead just like the months that went by. The days that passed have taught us many things and we are going to rock the rest of the months as well. We bring to you the different reasons we should be celebrating each day through this Today column so read on to know why you should.

Chocolate Day 

Oh gosh! Now, we have a day to celebrate chocolates. Aren’t chocolates the most celebrated things anyway? Aren’t they the ruler of all dessert lovers and the best friend of many people who love sweets? But, today is exclusively made for all the chocolate lovers out there. Chocolates have been there since mankind began cooking and it is said chocolate was found by Aztecs, some 2500 years ago. It is said they believed that these chocolates are a gift bestowed over them by the Lord Himself. Chocolates find their way to every party and every food outs as if they are mandatory guests to the party. 

Similarly, we need not teach you, how you should celebrate chocolate Day. You might just have chocolate-themed dinner with your friends or just make your whole course meal a day full of chocolates and nothing else. Also, let your other chocolate lover friends know about the day and make them believe how important today is, that is to show our gratitude to these sweet and amazing helpers of us. 

Global Forgiveness Day 

The global forgiveness day was made by CECA (Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors), we have a forgiveness day in August as well. But, there is no harm in celebrating two forgiveness ain’t it, until we are positive and spread our positivity. Hopefully, we should do that on all days of the year. 

Today is a day to let go of everything that was bothering you, to kiss goodbye to all misunderstandings, and take the first step to amend those beautiful relationships that just went away due to minor problems and major egos. Let’s be kind to ourselves today and forgive those who have hurt us. Let’s detach the burden that was making our hearts heavy and fly away with the touch of happiness and positivity. 

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