Today – 6 July

We have successfully completed half a year. 2020 is flying by like a shooting star, and here we are at July. It is a long year ahead just like the months that went by. The days that passed have taught us many things and we are going to rock the rest of the months as well. We bring to you the different reasons we should be celebrating each day through this Today column so read on to know why you should.

Virtually Hug a Virtual Assistant Day

Internet, smartphones, laptops, online services were not even a thing a few decades back. With all the technological developments and we as a community embracing the online world, these have become an essential. It would be wrong to say that technology has overtaken the human services but they have actually made the communications better and have helped everyone in the chain to amp up their service quality. So, to be clear here we are not acknowledging the small little apps on our mobiles but the people behind those apps. Those people who work faster than before to deliver our products on time. Those executives who are ready to solve our queries online.

Today, take out some time from your online surfing and send out a virtual hug to these people. There are as many ways as the internet could be used for. Drop an email, send a message or even hug it out on facetime. It is an opportunity to show our gratitude to those who let us enjoy the comfort of our homes. 

Fried Chicken Day

A hearty welcome to all the foodies out there. We have been 6 days into July and finally, we get to celebrate our love for chicken. All of us have been fans of KFC and love to relish on spicy fried chicken. Being a Monday what better way could you get to fly away from those Monday blues and enjoy your day. So put on your shoes and sway to the nearest restaurant to get your favorite chicken ready. The history of fried chicken dates back to the 4th century Roman Times, and no wonder they are still in trend. 

Today, take out your chef hat and you might also make your favorite fried chicken at home. But, if you find yourself busy no worries, just call up your favorite restaurant and bring in your day with friends. If you have little munchkins waiting for you back home, then today is the best day to have a chicken date!

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