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International Stuttering Awareness Day

Stuttering is a communication disorder. It is the abnormal stoppages and breaks in the flow of speech. It sometimes also involves movements while speaking. International Stuttering Day is observed to raise awareness about its symptoms, causes, and cures.

First one is that people stutter because of nervousness, this is not so. In fact, we should wait for them to complete their sentences rather than cutting them in between.

Secondly, shyness is not always the cause of stuttering. Sometimes it is the lack of confidence in oneself and the fear of being judged. To reduce this we need to encourage people and show trust in them to make them feel better.

There is also a myth that the people who stutter have a lack of intelligence. Stuttering is caused due to one specific area of the brain and it does not have any effect on the intelligence level of the person.


The international stuttering day was established in the year 1958. The day is recognized to spread awareness to people around the world about this communication disorder. Stuttering is a neurological disorder that was found back since when life was found on earth. About 1% of a million people have stammering issues while they converse.


How To Observe?

There are various ways in which this day can be celebrated. Let us discuss some such examples:

  • Get complete information

The very first thing you can do on your part is to get complete information about this disorder. Its cures, symptoms, causes and trying to spread the knowledge about it.

  • Create Harmony

Stammers’ suffer from a lot of social bullying. Always make sure you are never involved in that. Accept them as normal and encourage them. Build trust and help them the best way you can.

  • Have Good relations

If you know any one who stutters, get involved with them and help them overcome their problem.  The National Stuttering Association provides educational materials that parents of stutterers can use to aid teachers, make use of it. Stuttering is not a habit but a neurological disorder. It can not be broken so easily. You may help them by giving classes more so to build confidence in their speech rather than a promise to cure the condition.

Moreover, be motivated and motivate others. Be a self-believer. Always accept yourself as you are and be confident. Once you are confident enough, then nothing is impossible to achieve.

               The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.- Blake Lively



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