Today – 2 August

Every day comes with new opportunities to celebrate and do something new, to express gratitude, and to enjoy. Today is a day to designate the strongest bond on Earth, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Sister’s Day. This is for all the sisters who have been partners in crime and always supported each other in bad times and doubled happiness in good times. Come what may, sisters are always there by your side. They make life wonderful with all the arguments and fights and then long rides and secret conversations. It is not necessary to have a sister in blood relation; a sister from another mother can also be a great companion for one.

Celebrate this day with your beloved sister. Wander out and have some fun. Sit together and recollect all your memories, good and bad; they will definitely make your day amazing. Go out for a long ride and eat your favorite stuff. Watch some movies based on sisterhood. You may throw a party for all your beloved sisters.

To complement this day, today is Friendship Day. Every year, the first Sunday of August is designated as National Friendship Day. The best part about the first Sunday of August is that it marks the celebration of two special bonds, friendship, and sisterhood.

If you are a foodie, read about National Ice-Cream Sandwich Day today.

Having a sister is like having a best friend cannot get rid of. You know whatever they do, they’ll still be there.

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