Today – 16 July

We have successfully completed half a year. 2020 is flying by like a shooting star, and here we are at July. It is a long year ahead just like the months that went by. The days that passed have taught us many things and we are going to rock the rest of the months as well. We bring to you the different reasons we should be celebrating each day through this Today column so read on to know why you should.

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

Little and cozy, one of the world’s favorite pets remain to be the guinea pigs. They have been human’s best friends from a very young age as they are favorite to children and adults alike. It is said they have been domesticated from the year 5000BC. Guinea pigs have no sort of complications in petting them. They have been there and eat all that we give them. They are happy to munch on veggies. Today is the right day to give them the appreciation they deserve for making our lives better and happy as always. 

To celebrate the day, if you’re looking for a pet companion, then we are here today. Let us bring these little munchkins and have a great time together. Let’s give them their credit and celebrate the day with them. Everyone deserves a day of celebration and let’s celebrate today for these fluffy people. 

World Snake Day

The first thought, that gets to outline when we think of snakes, is obviously, some sort of danger. And, that’s pretty correct too as an animal that might kill us should definitely be feared. But, giving them so much hate without any particular reason is bad. We are open to being scared of it, but disregarding them is totally inhumane on our part. Thus today illustrates why we should love snakes like all other animals, and they belong to a strong ecosystem like us as well. Also, the day is an opportunity to learn about these slimy creatures and their wide number of species. There are around 3500 species of the snake all over the world. And, we as citizens should give them an equal chance. 

Take today as a chance to learn about all these species and spread awareness about snakes, and the respect they deserve. Having snakes as pets is not a good idea though, but you can always contribute to organizations working for them. 

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