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Today – 1 June

We step into June today. 2020 is racing past us like anything and we are already in June. June is special in many ways. This ‘Today’ column will tell

We step into June today. 2020 is racing past us like anything and we are already in June. June is special in many ways. This ‘Today’ column will tell you the magnificence of June each day. Maybe you’ll be part of this column in future years. Every day should be celebrated and there are no qualms about it. But, having special reasons to celebrate is just like a cherry on top. Ain’t it?

Pride Month 


June is the month to take out those rainbow-colored flags and be proud of the diversity on our planet. This month is dedicated to the people involved in the Stonewall Riots, who had to give up their lives for no reason at all. The Stonewall Protest was to establish the fact that people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community also need open places to enjoy themselves and not be scared about their sexual orientation. This month thus makes people aware and encourages them to be happy with their sexual orientation. 

It is rather sad that many people are subjugated to unnecessary hate and discrimination, just because they are different from what the majority is. Thus, days like these help them and others to be vocal and shatter all stereotypes. The right to freedom is for all and we need to ensure that everyone gets that. 

The Pride month signifies the importance of this. Let us be proud and encourage others to do the same about their identity. 

World Milk Day 


June 1 has been chosen as the day to draw attention to the dairy sector. The FAO, Food, and Agriculture Sector of the UN proposed this day to make people aware of the importance of milk as a global food. This day is celebrated all over the world, to project the importance of milk in our diets and the high health value it contains. 

On this day, you can use milk in your diet and spread the word about its importance. 

Say Something Nice Day 

Words are mightier than swords. A saying, but it makes a lot of meaning in every context. Every day we choose to use the power of words and along with that choice, we carry a huge responsibility on our shoulders, to use the power in a way that does not hurt the receiver. The day was coined only to let people understand the importance of words and use them nicely to everyone. The world becomes so much to bear and full of negativity at times, why not use our niceness to change that negativity into something pleasant? Why not take the opportunity to be nice to everyone, and expect nothing in return? Let us take today as the opportunity to be nice, be good, be respectful to others. 

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Kip Thorne 

Source: Google Images

Kip Stephen Thorne, is an American theoretical physicist. He is popular for his works and contributions to astrophysics and gravitational physics. A Nobel Laureate, Thorne was honored with the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2017 for his observational gravitational waves. The Christopher Nolan film, Interstellar was a concept developed by him and his friend Lynda Obst.

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