Titanic 2 – A Reboot To The Classic

A brief introduction to the TITANIC As we all know the Titanic was a British luxury ocean liner that was constructed in the early 1900s and was

A brief introduction to the TITANIC

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As we all know the Titanic was a British luxury ocean liner that was constructed in the early 1900s and was the first ship with three-storeyed and nearly 16 compartments that included doors that could be closed from the bridge, so that water could be contained in the event. The Titanic was launched on May 31, 1911, with the completion of its main superstructure and the hull. It went on sea trials in April 1912 proving itself to be sea-worthy. With its immense ornate decorations and world-class dining, saloons along with elevators, the Titanic was nicknamed as the Millionaire’s Special.

It was captained by Edward J. Smith, who was popular among wealthy passengers and was known as the Millionaire’s Captain. The Titanic made its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912, from SouthamptonEngland to New York City, carrying about 2,208 passengers. Unfortunately, the White Star operated British passenger RMS Titanic sank in the early morning hours on the 15th of April, 1912, after hitting an iceberg in her maiden voyage. 


On 30th April 2012, Clive Palmer announced the project on building a replica of the RMS Titanic, 1912. Clive announced a flagship of the proposed cruise company Blue Star Line Pty. Ltd. Of Brisbane, Australia. Previously there have been many proposals for the concept of building the replica of the RMS Titanic but nothing came forth on paper. South African businessman Sarel Gous in 1998 announced a project for functioning a replica of the original Titanic, which was widely publicized. Eventually, the project was abandoned as the company repeatedly failed to secure an investment for the same.

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Clive’s announcement was followed by an MOU with the state-owned Chinese shipyard CSC Jinling. Blue Star Line took over the design and structure of the ocean liner and announced Steve Hall to be the design consultant and historian for the project in October 2012. While Daniel Klistorner had been appointed as the Interior Design Consultant and Historian. Both Hall and Klistorner were Titanic experts and had previously co-authored books on the Titanic. The replica of the RMS Titanic was called Titanic 2 and its design was officially exhibited at the worldwide launch events in Macau (China), New York (United States), Halifax (Canada), London & Southampton (United Kingdom). The official Global Launch was held aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City on 26 February 2013. Later in 2013, further contracts and agreements relating to the design and construction were announced. A signed contract and laying the keel was expected in March 2014, after the Deltamarin contract was announced on April 13, 2013. 

Manufacturing of the Titanic

The plans for rebuilding the RMS Titanic replica were stalled as the Australian company owned by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer was stalled due to financial troubles. It was estimated that nearly $6 million had been taken from Queensland Nickel, Palmer’s closed nickel refining company to pay for the development and marketing of the Titanic II. As we speak, Titanic 2 is being built in China and estimates to hold about 2400 passengers and 900 crew members. Rumour has it that the work on luxury liner has resumed and is said to be manufactured in the year 2021. According to USA Today, Titanic 2 is going to set sail in the year 2022. Blue Star line had estimated to spend $ 500 million when the project was first announced but due to financial disputes, the project was on a standstill. In September 2015, the project was resumed. It is now back on track to tempt fate soon.

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Specialities and Plans

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Ostensibly, Titanic 2 is said to have the same cabin layout as the original and will carry the same number of passengers as the RMS ocean liner. Titanic 2 will be sailing global routes and there will be a trip of two weeks making her maiden voyage from Dubai to Southampton, England, then to New York. The new planned ship is said to have a gross tonnage of 56,000, intended to launch in 2022. The classification of Llyod’s register united with the Titanic 2 project on July 17, 2013, as announced by Blue Star Line. In September 2013 at the Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt, a model testing was done using a 9.3-meter wooden model, while resisting and powering tests were carried out in a 300-meter towing tank. The interior layout would be similar but with modernized third-class cabins, and adjoined bathrooms throughout the ships. Power plants and propulsion would be a substantial focus in the Titanic reboot.

How different is Titanic 2 from the original Titanic?

Although Titanic 2 is said to be the replica of the original Titanic, some features make it distinct from the original. Mentioned below are some points that make Titanic 2 different from the original RMS Titanic.

  • Titanic 2 is said to have a greater beam so that enhanced stability is ensured.
  • For higher fuel efficiency, the bulbous bow will be introduced in Titanic 2, although it will be moderately sized when compared to new ship designs.
  • The original coal-fired burners, steam engines, steam turbines as well as the rudder is said to be replaced by diesel-electric propulsion system with four diesel generating sets providing power for three azimuth thrusters and would also have stabilizers to reduce roll.
  • A supplementary safety deck to be built between C and D decks for lifeboats and marine evacuation systems.
  • Due to the insertion of the safety deck, the height of the ship has been increased above the waterline but the height from the keel to the funnels would be the same as the original that is 175 feet.
  • As the superstructure of the Titanic 2, a high-altitude bridge relative to the bow has been raised by 1.3 meters by the central part of the deck along with the removal of the sheer.
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