Thunderstorms in Oklahoma which spawned a beautiful sight in the sky

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Thunderstorms in Oklahoma which spawned a beautiful sight in the sky

To know more about tornado warnings in Oklahoma read on

A severe thunderstorm that spawned a tornado warning in Oklahoma left behind a stunning sight in the sky, as the storm system headed to the South Wednesday.

The line of thunderstorms that blasted through Oklahoma and dove toward the Gulf Coast brought large hail, widespread damaging winds, torrential downpours and the threat of tornadoes.

“We’ve had rounds of severe weather for the month of April, way ahead in terms of tornado reports,”

The storm swept through the Tulsa and surrounding areas Tuesday night. Large hail and lightning also were reported in the area.

After the storms moved through, heavy “mammatus clouds” could be seen in the skies above.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, mammatus clouds are formations with rounded, smooth, sack-like protrusions hanging from the underside of a cloud.

“Mammatus clouds often accompany severe thunderstorms, but do not produce severe weather; they may accompany non-severe storms as well,”

“Mammatus clouds generally form in the most unstable cumulonimbus, meaning that there is also a chance of hail, heavy rain and lightning in the vicinity, and if the air is cold enough during winter they can produce snow,” according to the forecast office.




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