There is still hope for MLB this summer: Fauci

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There is still hope for MLB this summer: Fauci

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Top US health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci clarified that there is a “pathway” that can be opted to play at least a partial season of the Major League Baseball this summers after he made a bleak comment to the New York Times that left the fans and MLB officials shocked interpreting that the entire season is likely to be canceled.

The back story:

In the YES Network interview on Wednesday, Fauci sounded pessimistic about the sports in general without mentioning MLB or baseball directly and he made a blunt comment saying that sports might not be played till next year taking care of the health of the country in mind. This statement was described as “stark” and the president of The New York Yankees expressed his concern telling that everybody should work together to make it happen and added that he was shocked to hear Fauci’s statement about canceling the season altogether.

Different options or plans:

According to Fauci, there are many options in which the game can be played and he was optimistic that baseball would be played in one or the other form but it is very hard to predict anything with certainty because of the possibility of the resurgence of COVID-19 later this year. He said that the virus would determine the timetable and if the situation gets under control then playing baseball while practicing social distancing and not packing the stadium could be an option.

One option that Fauci mentioned was the “Arizona plan” in which the teams would play with no fans or families of the players in the sites around the Phoenix area used for the spring training. The players would technically be “in a bubble” playing the game.

He added another option that included teams playing in their home stadiums and fans wearing masks and obliging with social distancing rules to prevent the spread of virus.

Fauci also added that he is tired of the “misrepresentations” that people glean from his comments and the baseball officials should focus on his podcast interview with Ryan Zimmerman about the “pathway” to play a partial season at the very least.




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