The world in pandemic deceived by China- Leaked Western Intel dossier

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The world in pandemic deceived by China- Leaked Western Intel dossier

Is Coronavirus nothing but China’s wrongdoing? Read on to know more.

The “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance has compiled a research dossier- a 15-page document, stating that China has intentionally hid or destroyed the evidences related to the coronavirus outbreak that led to the loss of thousands of lives all around the world. The document was obtained by Australia’s Saturday Telegraph newspaper that describes China’s act as an “assault on international transparency”.

Factors mentioned in the dossier that support the possibility of Coronavirus cover-up by China include initial delay in communicating the information, destroying laboratory evidences, the “disappearing” doctors trying to provide the outside world with valuable information and refusal to provide live samples to international scientists trying to create a vaccine. The suspicious behavior of China can be observed by the decision of censoring the news being searched on social media platforms or search engines and deleting terms like “Wuhan Seafood market”, “SARS variation” etc.

On Jan 3, China’s National Health Commission ordered to destroy or move virus samples to testing facilities and issued a “no publication order”.

On Jan 5, Wuhan’s Municipal Health commission stopped updating the number of new cases for almost 13 days, five days later, a respiratory specialist, Wang Guanga, told that condition was “under control” and on Jan 12, a lab was shut down in Shanghai after it shared data about the genetic sequence of virus and so was Wuhan Institute of Virology, for sharing virus samples, on Jan 24.

Until Jan 20, China denied the human transmission of the virus despite having evidence since December and on the other hand, despite raised concerns from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the World Health Organization (WHO) toed the Chinese line about the transmission of the virus through humans.

Throughout Feb, Beijing pressed Australia, India, the US, and Southeast Asian neighbors, not to enable travel restrictions and millions of people traveled (after the outbreak of the virus) to different places.

According to the dossier, the Wuhan Institute of Virology in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences has previously worked/got trained in Australian labs about research on pathogens in bats and the work in Wuhan lab involved synthesizing incurable coronavirus from a bat in addition to discovering samples of the virus in a cave in Yunnan province.

U.S. intelligence officials and Australia believe that the virus leaked from Wuhan’s lab and on Thursday, President Trump said he has seen evidences suggesting the same and that WHO should be ashamed of acting like a public relations agency for China.

WHO and China have denied the allegations.




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