The need of Sustainable shopping…!


The need of Sustainable shopping…!

How can you still make things better for the environment through sustainable shopping?

With the recent pandemic, everyone sick or healthy has been thinking about the mistakes they have made in the past. While most countries are in lock-down, the world is currently shut down! With all the deaths and the infection another worrying thought is the global economic downfall.

We wanted to remind you on how you can still make things better for your environment in the future through sustainable shopping.

  1. Go organic: The concept has been known by various sobriquets around the globe but give it as many names as you like, the essence remains of it remains constant. And that is to connect to nature as much as you can, in any and every way possible. Buy organically grown items when it comes to food and for clothing, go for brands that get their raw materials from organic sources. Because these use the least pesticides. Relieving the soil from its toxic effects and providing us top quality material for our daily needs.
  2. Buy Locally Made: It is always a pragmatic choice to buy indigenous products rather than the pompous imported goods. You can always be assured of the quality since the materials are fresh and or made in front of you, so you are aware of the process that goes into making the materials. The raw materials will be authentic and of the best quality available. Promote the local artisans as well as save duty you pay for imported stuff.
  3. Grow your greens: No, we are not asking you to get your personal farm and start growing your own crops. But having a kitchen garden will not only make it a little easier on the environment but also on your pocket. The common herbs that you use in everyday cooking can be easily grown in your front porch or even on your kitchen window while it improves the look of the kitchen too. Talk about kitchen aesthetics as an added feature!
  4. Jute bags instead of plastics: This cannot be stressed upon enough but curb the use of plastics as much as possible. There are funky reusable jute bags available in all sizes in the market these days which can be used for daily grocery run. Carry these bags rather than bringing home more waste plastics.
  5. The better soap: Keep in mind a few things and be wary for a few environmental checks while buying detergent. Buy soaps and detergents which are sustainable and have passed quality checks. Which produce less lather and hence limit the water pollution because it takes a lot of effort to treat the soapy water for it to become fit for use again.
  6. Swap it up: A lot of stores are coming up with the concept of exchanging old clothes for shop credits which can be used to buy anything from the store. Helps save money and recycle your old stuff. Save money and reduce waste production
  7. Shop online: Yes, online shopping is not only fun but in its own way helps reduce the carbon print. Because you are not going for a window-shopping outing and hence reduce the fuel usage that you would otherwise spend on going to the stores. Secondly since the orders are delivered in bulk that further reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, you can always control how many products you buy at a time.
  8. Brand watch: This has been mentioned earlier as well but this is one of the things which should be incorporated in your shopping habits by default. Make sure you buy from sustainable brands that have no part in animal cruelty and their manufacturing procedures are certified as under the permissible carbon emission levels.
  9. Buy less, buy better: There is no better solution to reduce the waste generation than controlling how much and how frequent you buy. Be it anything, any product if you are spending money and bringing something home, some part however minimal of it will become waste sooner or later. Buy quality products that will be better and used for longer instead of buying cheap stuff which will soon be rendered useless.
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle: The ultimate mantra for a sustainable environment conscious living lies in those three words and it is up to you to implement it in your life in any and every way possible.

We really hope these points help and request our audience to spread the word within their friends and family. World Model Hunt, which started as an online promotional agency for models, is now also focused upon helping protect the earth. This April month is Earth day! Let’s all together, pledge to protect the earth in every way possible!


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