The Changing Digital Trends

The latest digital trends are going to dominate the digital transformations

Artificial Intelligence is becoming the engine of growth economies and organizations as it is changing the world and the lives of people. AI tools are

Artificial Intelligence is becoming the engine of growth economies and organizations as it is changing the world and the lives of people. AI tools are all around us and we happen to interact with them quite often or daily, through – google search, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or on a simple chat-box on any visited website. With evolving technology and innovations, artificial intelligence has taken a turn in digital transformation. What exactly is artificial intelligence? The collection of multiple technologies that permit machines to detect, understand, learn and act on their own or to supplement human activities is termed as Artificial Intelligence.

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In this tech-savvy world, where digital media has evolved and transformed astoundingly, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the key technologies that will thrust organizations through digital transformation. Today, digital transformation has set foot in all areas of business and entrepreneurship.

What is digital transformation?

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The integration of technology that strives to change the way you operate and delivers value to customers is called as digital transformation. To meet market needs and changing customers, digital transformation has been re-inventing and changing its way to curate new or modify existing customer experiences as well as business culture and processes. Here is where artificial intelligence becomes the game-changer in digital transformation. AI can create wonders with a holistic transformation strategy and visionary approach.

Speaking of digital transformations, it is a foundational change that sees how an organization or a company delivers value to its customers. We cannot deny that this liberating technology helps to curate business in a more adaptive, creative, flexible and innovative way than before Helping win new customers and mitigate risks but also raise their profits.

Without much ado, let us read about some of the changing digital trends that are likely to happen this year.

  • Let us go 5-G : Telecommunications, like Qualcomm, AT&T, Verizon, Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei are making sure that global 5G deployments stay on pace. 2020 will be the year of 5-G and the world’s best Android handset makers already releasing 5G phones, which will hit the ground running later this year. Brands like Realme and more have already launched 5-G phones on online platforms like Flipkart. The 5-G phone will be having a flagship processor known as Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with Adreno 650 GPU and camera features will be the key highlight in these phones.


  • Augmented wi-fi for a faster world : Wi-Fi 6 and 5-G will bring us much faster processing and wireless connection speeds in 2020. The expected download speeds are up to 3x faster than were achievable with Wi-Fi-5. These technologies are the perfect end-to-end combination of ultra-fast connectivity for home and office. The number of connected devices on the Wi-Fi network is expected to grow that will increase Wi-Fi capabilities making it more efficient, faster and smarter. Increasing the quality, the volume of data consumed by this Wi-Fi will be less as compared to the previous Wi-Fi.

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  • Analytics will become the Competitive Advantage : From Salesforce acquiring Tableau, to Microsoft creating its own Power Platform, we will be seeing a consolidation of analytics capabilities across the tech world. Companies collecting data, processing and turning them into insights without making full use of modern analytics tools will no longer be in the business in 2021, as analytics will gain to be one of the most dominant focal points of digital transformation in 2020. Major tech companies have predicted that the future is in data—most specifically, the real-time processing of it regardless of which industry you are.


  • AI and Machine Learning will become force multipliers for data analytics : Investment in analytics will lead you to invest in AI and  machine learning as well. Because, it will help you navigate the vast, churning seas of information and data you aim to put in good use. By using AI and machine learning complex data sets can now be analyzed in a fraction of the time that previously used to consume a lot of time. AI and machine learning algorithms have gotten extremely good at data analysis that makes computers faster and better along with analytical tools more intuitive, easy to use and much more reliable. Thus, AI and machine learning that were as good as in 2019, will be much better this year with high speed and accuracy.

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  • RPA catches a second wind : Robotic Process Automation is not a new thing but will be enhanced and upgraded this year. The hot topic at every tech and manufacturing conference RPA will lead its way as interest and investments will continue to grow, proving itself trustworthy. Companies like Cisco are already using RPA to help create wiggle room to upskill and augment the value of their existing workforce making 2020 a year of RPA investments.


  • ACPCs will transform – The laptop market will transform forever with the expansion of ACPCs this year with embedded 5G and LTE connectivity. In today’s technology-oriented world, we always need to be connected and need PCs that will be connected as well. Making computers truly portable and long-lasting, ACPCs will provide us with near-full-day battery life, and may even bring multi-day battery life to laptops next year.

Although mature foundational technologies will remain to be in the centre of most digital initiatives these specific trends are going the change the technology.

Digital Transformation is much more about than just the sum of its technological parts. Hence, these change in digital trends are going to dominate the digital transformations with change being the core driver

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