Tailor’s Day, Angelina Jolie’s Birthday and more..Created by Sneha.


Tailor’s Day, Angelina Jolie’s Birthday and more..

Let's celebrate today

Each new day should be received with gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing new beginning it has provided and helped us see the bright light in the morn

Each new day should be received with gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing new beginning it has provided and helped us see the bright light in the morning. This gratitude should be celebrated in all ways you can. So, through this Today column, bring to you the amazing reasons you can use to enjoy your day. 

Tailors Day 

Looking at our best at all times isn’t an easy task. The hard work that goes behind looking right, and bright, is not our work alone, but all the people who are involved in making the best products for us. One of the important people in the process is the tailor. A well-crafted dress is the talent of a good tailor. He is who brings their creativity onto the fabric. 

Today is the day that has been made, especially to thank these people in our lives for their great contribution. The day was coined to make these people feel special and thank these amazing people in our lives. In our busy lives, with all of us running each day, we forget these little contributors in our lives. We often take them for granted. So we remind you to thank the tailor in your life. Tell them that it is their contribution that you feel comfortable many days. 

Hug Your Cat Day 

Cats are the companions we choose for ourselves. In the family of pets, cats are one of the most common animals we all love to have as a friend and an accomplice. Today is a day, you can cuddle with your cat for no reason at all. The hug your cat day was coined to selflessly brag about your cat and give your little friend all the attention it deserves. 

Often we do not acknowledge the importance of the companionship these little creatures give us. But today has to be the day you hug them and provide them all the love they have been giving you years.

Each special day has people entering this planet with all the joy, if you’re one of them, find out your birthday twin.  

Angelina Jolie 

Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular actresses of current times. She is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Jolie is the recipient of numerous awards and many honors in her career. She has received an Academy Award and three golden globe awards in her career. Angelina has been termed the highest-paid actress many times. A popular humanitarian, Jolie has been rewarded with received a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.



Lukas Podolski 

Lukas is a professional football player, who plays as a forward for the Turkish side Antalyaspor. He is regarded as one of the best german players and best finishers across the globe. Lukas was first capped by Germany in 2004 and was a part of the squad in seven major tournaments, winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Podolski scored the fastest goal in 2013, in a friendly match with Ecuador.


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