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Speculations and conspiracy behind COVID19

Was this World War 3?

The reason why these theories are known as “Conspiracy theories” is that we never know what may turn out to be correct until proven otherwise. Speculations and theories do matter but what matters the most is the innocent lives that are at stake all around the world.


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The spread of the virus has given birth to ample of theories and both together are spreading at an uncontrollably high rate. Different theories received different responses from the readers or the viewers. Out of these, the most viral as well as a controversial theory has been given by the world’s pre-eminent professional conspiracy theorist David Icke, who is well-known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist often described as maverick or renegade, in an interview with Brian Rose on London Real.

After the introduction of the guest part, the first question put forward by Brian in front of David was “Is there a virus?” and it hooked all the people right away because all we heard all around us- news or internet, was how lethal the “virus” is. David told the he spent every waking moment devouring information from doctors and specialists all around the world, who are not allowed anywhere near BBC or CNN because they want to demolish the official story of the hoax. He added a jaw-dropping statement that this may come out as a shock to people out there but THERE IS NO COVID-19 VIRUS, IT DOESN’T EXIST!

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He put forward his argument saying in China when people fell ill, the genetic material from the fluid in their lungs was taken from a few patients and it was not an isolated virus but genetic material that can be present due to a long list of causes like Lung cancer but they decided to call the cause as a novel virus hence they could never actually isolate the so-called “virus” from the genetic material. People started diagnosing COVID-19 based on flu-like symptoms that can exist in many people due to various possible reasons hence the number got bigger and bigger.

The Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test for COVID-19 does not test for COVID-19 but for the same genetic material content that can diagnose several other diseases. David added that the inventor of the test Kary Mullis- an American biochemist, himself said that the RT-PCR test should NOT be used to diagnose infectious diseases because the test amplifies the material and makes it larger/bigger and more the amplification, more the positive cases.

He also mentioned the observation of Dr. Andrew Kaufman that an under-the-microscope picture of exosomes released from poisoned cells that can be in any human due to many reasons like toxicity, infection, electromagnetic fields (related to the relevance of 5G) or even poison through stress and fear, (that is so common nowadays!) was exactly similar to the under-the-microscope picture of what is claimed to be COVID-19 and so is the case with the genetic makeup too. Also, this test does not test the amount of “virus” present in the body, hence many people are tested positive although the amount is not troublesome- mild or no symptoms! In simple words “A natural response mechanism of the human immune system to poisonous cells has been renamed as COVID-19.” Now anyone with flu-like symptoms is being diagnosed as COVID-19 positive case and their death (be it for any reason) is officially because of COVID-19 making it a worldwide “pandemic”. As an instance, Eddie Large, a well-known British comedian, was tested positive for coronavirus and when he died, the headlines read that he died in hospital of testing positive for COVID-19, while the cause of his death was a failing heart! The twisting of words is shocking. He also mentioned that Italian National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) gave official figures that 99% of people who died of COVID-19, had multiple other severe health problems thus a possibility that people dying for several possible reasons are being redesignated to have died from COVID-19. On top of that, elderly people are being pressured to sign “do not resuscitate” forms to control the figures of deaths by COVID-19 to justify the pandemic. David explained the vicious scam in the form of a pyramid in which with each level, people know less and only what the “cult” on the level above them wants them to know. The “Ruled by psychopaths, run by idiots” dynamic is working with masterminds behind the cult- the focal point of control, calling the shots, acting like puppet-masters and all the other people being advised and driven by them on a global level.

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For the 5G theory, he stated that disharmony/imbalance in electromagnetic fields causes physical and psychological diseases and we are now being bombarded 24*7 by electromagnetic fields with the introduction of 5G in more and more places. A senator asked the members of telecommunications industries about the amount of money spent in testing the effect of 5G on human health and the answer was zero. “Every time we had a pandemic like situation like Spanish flu in 1918, it is preceded with the introduction of another level of power of technologically generated radiations”. He added that technological electromagnetic fields poison the cells to release exosomes as immune response ergo being tested as positive for COVID-19 and the first Chinese city to introduce 5G just before the outbreak was Wuhan- where the hoax began! Elon Musk, that Icke called a “super psychopath” is putting more and more satellites beaming 5G on the Earth, knowing the outcomes and people are not able to protest- thanks to lockdown, being given permission by Federal communications commission- owned by “cult”, to roll out without testing. 5G at 60 gigahertz stops the human body from absorbing enough oxygen- admitted by the telecommunications industry, something observed in patients by a doctor in New York who could neither understand nor digest it. Although David said that in no way does, he supports people putting 5G towers on fire and said that is not the solution.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Gavi, is funding vaccines for COVID-19 that Icke told, comprise of nanotechnology microchips that would make people a part of technological sub-reality via AI, and a quantum-tattoo would be given to the vaccinated people to digitally check the same and those who are not vaccinated, won’t be allowed to fly. In the name of exit-pass from lockdown, these in a way “mandatory” vaccine, will contribute to many more pandemics as they unfold. The masterminds are tip-toeing their ways to create utter control and total dependency of people on them for anything and everything.

China, where the devastating crisis began, in such a short period of time has started flights, people are going back to streets, opening up industries and the economy is reopening with sudden unbelievably plummeting numbers of infected patients- in what world is it not questionable?

The interview was globally followed by millions of people, reported heavily by BBC and many others resulting in its banning by YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and UK regulator Ofcom. This was received by the audience as a cheap shot and violation of basic human rights and freedom of speech. People have been asked to make the interview public by any means necessary so that the truth unfolds in front of all the other people, making the hashtags #londonrealarmy and #jointheresistance viral on many social media platforms.

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Another evidence-free theory says that the virus was created in the labs of China to be used as a military bioweapon and even patented by Bill Gates or it “accidentally escaped” from there while others claim that a Canadian-Chinese spy team sent coronavirus to Wuhan. Zhao Lijian, the foreign ministry spokesman of China, stated that COVID-19 originated in the US without any evidence whatsoever. All these conspiracies claim that the “powers that be” have all the information but they choose to stay silent.

There was one person who was not really shocked when the news of a mysterious coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan surfaced in January. He was Eric Toner. Back in 2019, Eric Toner, the Project Director for Event 201, (hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum) briefed leaders of business, governments, and public health about a fictional virus CAPS- a novel coronavirus, deadlier than SARS, as easy to catch as flu causing worldwide pandemic and many other similarities to the coronavirus causing COVID-19 that we are dealing with in the year 2020. In his simulation he told that the virus would make a leap from pigs to farmers coming in contact with them, beginning in Brazil as a slow burn and then gain momentum by October causing worldwide pandemic as opposed to the possible origin story of COVID-19 virus- the link with seafood market with the first case seen in Wuhan. He also estimated the total number of deaths due to the hypothetical deadly coronavirus at that time to reach about 65 million in almost 18 months because scientists would not be able to develop the vaccine in time and also simulated about the consequences on the economy- global GDP plunged by 11% and stock markets between 20-40% and it is scary how those terrifying simulations he made back in October 2019 are so similar to the situation unfolding in front of our eyes now.

All the theories no matter true or false, are making people even more confused and infuriated that has resulted in consequences like a crowd of close-knit people protesting in some cities across the United States- helping the spread of virus say the experts. Some call such reactions a mechanism that people opt because it provides an escape from helplessness, anxiety and gives a reason to fight against something if not the virus itself.

Amidst all the chaos, President Trump came to the rescue of people and informed that US ventilator supply was more than enough and they could even export them abroad to help the nations in need like Ethiopia to make sure those who desperately need them can be helped thus giving a relief by averting a potentially disastrous shortage of ventilators. He made overtures to leaders of Honduras, Ecuador and El Salvador with an offer of ventilator and assistance. The president has a busy day on Twitter with retweets of the Centers for Disease Control account and he also gave people good news “We have now tested more than 5 million people” –more than all major countries combined. In summary, President Trump is handling this pandemic way better than a lot of nations with an optimistic approach and lending a helping hand to other nations as well.

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The reason why these theories are known as “Conspiracy theories” is that we never know what may turn out to be correct until proven otherwise. Speculations and theories do matter but what matters the most is the innocent lives that are at stake all around the world and how important it is to thoroughly process the information and not panic. All we have is each other. Stay together, stay safe.








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