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Some Unique World Records

Record-breaking has been used as a form of appreciation for a long time. A common word by looks has scope more than what it just reflects. This is so

Record-breaking has been used as a form of appreciation for a long time. A common word by looks has scope more than what it just reflects. This is so because a record is created with immense efforts, as it is an act of surpassing the whole of the world’s population in any chosen field. This is an act of courage, creativity, and novelty, bringing in myriads of accolades to the achiever; achiever, because a world record is an achievement in itself. 

Over the years, the world has seen several world records making their way to the official space, some awesome, some path-breaking, some bizarre, and some that could never be imagined. As uniqueness is a quality of our species, some records surpass the highest score on the uniqueness meter. Some world records just blew our minds, and here is a compilation of such records. 

Most Wins at the World Beard and Mustache Championships

The World Beard and Moustache championships are in itself an interesting set of competitions. It is a quest to find the most interesting type of people’s beards and mustaches. Karl-Heinz Hille, a man from Germany set the world record of winning the most number of titles in the championship. He won the championship a total of 8 times. The last win was in 2011, with all the wins under the Imperial Partial Beard category. 

Longest Career as an Ice Cream Man

Ice creams are most people’s favorite, and everyone would have wanted to work in the ice cream factory at least once in their lifetime. And, we have a person whom we all might envy; he worked as an ice cream man for most of his life, close to seven decades. 67 years to be precise, Allan Ganz started working in the cart with his dad, later taking over the legacy. He worked there from 1947 to 2014. 

Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet

Brittany Walsh became a world record holder, by shooting the farthest arrow ever, not with the hands but feet. The arrow measured a distance of 12.31 m, in 2018. From then on, Brittany has been performing her record-breaking skill in theatre and circus shows for over 11 years.



Largest humanoid vehicle

A Japanese mechanical company designed and built a gigantic humanoid vehicle, with 27 feet height, 14 feet in length, and a 13 in width. The beast is called MONONOFU, meaning ‘samurai warrior’. The largest humanoid vehicle took 6 long years to come into existence. Now, it is hard to take it out of the warehouse and there is a problem in it as well. One of the finest produces of amalgamation between robot and animation, is the biggest world recorder as well. 

Fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta

Pasta might be our favorite savory dish. And, we might love to have pasta every day. But, how long do you take to finish a bowl of pasta? Is it a minute? Or half a minute? But, here is Lesco, who has broken all existing records to reach the top. Lesco finished off every ounce of noodles in the bowl in just 26.7 seconds, easily beating the previous record of 41 seconds. You might be the next person to be one of the next record-holders, if you are a hardcore pasta fan, what are you waiting for?

Farthest Distance limbo-skating under cars

There is no age limit to create records, and G. Devisri Prasad from Andhra Pradesh, India is a testimony to it. She holds the record of having done the farthest limbo-skating under a car. The distance was 115.60 meters, and the feat was achieved without a formal skating coach. 

Most Guinness World Records

Ashrita Furman from Brooklyn, New York has the world record of having the most number of world records, a total of 226 in number. The most recent record by him is slicing 31 watermelons with his stomach in one minute. With people striving to break one record in their lives, Furman has been breaking records since 1979. Indeed his record remains to be one of the toughest to break!

There goes a cliche saying that ‘records are made to be broken’, and that is true. So, buck up your shoes, and wear your creative hats, let us begin to break some records!

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