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Sherlock Holmes Day and more..

Every day comes with new and fresh energy. And, each day should be celebrated for what it is. But, around the year, each day is celebrated for more th

Every day comes with new and fresh energy. And, each day should be celebrated for what it is. But, around the year, each day is celebrated for more than one notion. Through this ‘Day Today’ column we bring to you a list of days that you can celebrate today and utilize the day in the best way you can. 


The seamless and harmless function of the Earth becomes possible only due to the interdependence of all organisms on the planet. The Earth is home to millions of different varieties of plants and animals, and all of them help each other in surviving through the years. But, increasing the human population and its never-ending demands have been rising at such a rapid rate that many creatures are on the verge of extinction at present.  People are neglecting the long term harm that awaits by constantly hindering nature. Thus, to put a stop to these and create awareness among people about the importance of the guarding of the biodiversity the United Nations-sanctioned the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY, for the prevailing biodiversity issues. This falls under the scope of the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals.

How to celebrate?

On this day, step out and visit the bird sanctuary near you. Learn about the widespread domain of biodiversity and how you can help them sustain. Sustainable development can only be achieved by taking every living being on the planet and this is what the day is for to propagate. Donate to NGOs and organizations that work for these needs. Also, don’t forget to spread the word.


Today marks the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle one of the best authors of all time around the world, who made our teenage years amazing by giving the world the most amazing characters of all time ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Sherlock was the best detective that I have ever come across and has been the inspiration to many writers’ aftermath to have a protagonist whose brain out-passed every dubious method in the world. His wit, attention to minute detail, and the thrilling analogies through which he reached the end, everything was nothing short of a ride full of amazingness and awesomeness. Thus, the fans of the greatest detective of all times made a day to dedicate to the legend himself. 

How to celebrate?

The ways to celebrate the mighty Sherlock Holmes day are unlimited. There are hundreds of interpretations of the story and that many ways. If you are a hardcore fan like everyone else, then there is no better way to pick up your favorite book and have a fun time all over again. If you have young children introduce them to the amazing world of Holmes. 

But, if you are a writer inside. Then pick up your pen and the notebook and start scribbling your ode to the mastermind. 


After a long struggle which is still not over, have the LGBTQ community found their deserved respect and recognition in the world. But, there is a lot more than they deserve at present. And, Harvey Milk was one of many revolutionaries who fought for their community and have led them here. He was the first official to be elected who was gay in California. After serving the military for years and after his return from it in 1972, he started openly working for the rights of the community he belonged to. 

How to celebrate?

This day is an opportunity for everyone to support and serve the LGBTQ community for all the struggles they have to endure to attain basic human rights. It’s your time to give them the love they deserved forever. Help organizations that work for these people and try to do your bit. Also, let others know what they are supposed to do on this day. 


The maritime day is not any ordinary day but a day to dedicate our gratitude to the abundance of resources the ocean has given us and the people who have worked with the oceans to provide us with comfort. Sea Trade has been the largest carrier of Cargo in the history of the world, even the Silk Road didn’t see as much cargo and trade-goods moving along it as the oceans have. Thus, they are a very great source for the wealth of a country.

How to celebrate?

May seems to be a month of outdoors. So, it is the maritime day. Maritime Day is a day for you to spend your time at the bay, be thankful to all the frontline workers there. It is your time to spend in the oceans and has a fun day altogether. 

Check our ‘Day Today‘ column for everyday updates.


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