Severe weather from Texas to Wisconsin

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Severe weather from Texas to Wisconsin

Read on to know more about the thunderstorms in the US

Tens of millions of Americans from Texas up toward the Great Lakes face the threat of severe weather Tuesday, including the risk of hail, winds that could reach hurricane force, and some tornadoes.

A weather system moving into the Plains is expected to spark widespread thunderstorms stretching from central Texas to the Mississippi River Valley and into the Midwest.

According to the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC), at least 60 million Americans will be threatened by that severe weather throughout the day, including those in major cities like Oklahoma City, Houston, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Austin, Kansas City, Mo., St. Louis, and Madison, Wis.

Forecasters said a “moderate” risk of severe weather, the second-highest on the SPC’s rating scale, exists in Eastern Oklahoma, Northeast Texas, and Western Arkansas. Some 1.8 million people in this region, including cities such as Tulsa, Okla., and Fort Smith, Ark., are under a moderate risk, according to the SPC.

Scattered storms will be a threat again on Wednesday for the Gulf Coast and Southeast.




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