September 8- New Amsterdam becomes New York and much more..

History on 8 September

History is never repeated. You either create a new or learn from the past. But to grow from history, we have to first know about it. We at BragSocial,

History is never repeated. You either create a new or learn from the past. But to grow from history, we have to first know about it. We at BragSocial, look forward to providing you with all information regarding what today is renowned for.



                                                       The Statue of Liberty with One World Trade Center background, Landmarks of New York City

                                            New Amsterdam becomes New York

In 1664, English took over New Amsterdam and renamed it was New York. It was given this name after the Duke of York. New Amsterdam was found in 1624 by the Dutch West India company.  In 1673, as part of the Third Anglo-Dutch War, the Dutch briefly took back Manhattan after a 600-man invasion. They returned it the following year, though, as part of a deal that allowed them to retain Suriname in South America. In 1686, it became the first city to receive a royal charter. As well as it became the first capital of the United States.



Palm tree at the hurricane

                                                  Deadly hurricane in Texas

On 8 September 1900, came The Great Galveston Storm. It is remarked as the deadliest and the worst disaster ever in the history of the U.S. The city of Texas was almost totally destroyed and around 12000+ people died in the mainland. The unnamed hurricane swept in from the Gulf with an estimated tidal surge of 15 feet, so high that it swallowed the skinny barrier island that was only 5 feet above sea level.  In addition to the number killed, the storm destroyed about 7,000 buildings of all uses in Galveston, which included 3,636 demolished homes; every dwelling in the city suffered some degree of damage. The hurricane left approximately 10,000 people in the city homeless, out of a total population of nearly 38,000.



Graduation hat with degree paper on a stack of book

                                        Asian Institute of Technology established

Asian Institute of Technology was found in the year 1959, in an international organization for higher education in Khlong Luang, Thailand. AIT is constantly being ranked as the topmost university in the world for its “International Orientation.” AIT achieved outstanding performance by reaching a “five-star” rating in teaching, internationalization, and facilities. In 1972, it was described as “an excellent example of not only the initiative and organization of a technical university, but also of the success of a foreign aid program”. In 2006, AIT claimed that it “has become a leading regional post-graduate institute and is actively working with public and private sector partners throughout the region and with some of the top universities in the world


Workers going on Strike                                                               

                                                    Delano Grape strike begins

On September 8, the most important strike of American history took place. Over 2000+ American workers refused to work picking grapes in the north valley of Bakersfield, California. They formed a chain of events which was continued till the next five years. And this came to be renowned as Delano Grape Strike. To support them, millions of Americans stopped eating grapes. The reason for the strike was the restless overworked workers who wanted medical care and retirement funds.The Delano grape strike is most notable for the effective implementation and adaptation of boycotts, the unprecedented partnership between Filipino and Mexican farm workers to unionize farm labor, and the resulting creation of the UFW labor union, all of which revolutionized the farm labor movement in America.


Explosive Rocket Launch


                      Surveyor 5 launched; makes a soft landing on Moon Sept 10

Surveyor 5 was sent to explore the surface of the moon. Surveyor 5 landed on Mare Tranquillitatis in 1967. A total of 19,118 images were transmitted to Earth. There were experienced a helium leak in the system that pressurized the liquid fuel that has resulted in its failure. Whereas the landing was successful and images were received after a week of the landing. Surveyor 5 was the third spacecraft in the Surveyor series to achieve a successful lunar soft landing. The spacecraft had a basic triangular structure of aluminum tubing that provided mounting surfaces for engineering and scientific equipments as well.

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