September 30 – Anesthetia used for First time and more

History Created on September 30

History is not only a span of time which we should just study and move on, but history also gives us the correct way to live life. History is very

History is not only a span of time which we should just study and move on, but history also gives us the correct way to live life.

History is very well defined as “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

We should know our history so that we can know the core base of everything and we can also learn from the mistakes people have committed in the past and shouldn’t repeat them again.

Let us know about some of the main historical events of today:

1846 – Anesthetic ether used for 1st time by American dentist Dr. William Morton who extracts a tooth

On this auspicious day 30th September 1846, an American dentist, Dr. William Thomas Green Morton publicly displayed the use of inhaled ether as a surgical anesthetic.

Anesthetic is a drug that is used to give a temporary loss of sensation or to make unconscious and this state of temporary unconsciousness is called anesthesia.

Today also when we visit a dentist for the treatment, they use an anesthetic for making that part of our mouth unconscious so that we don’t feel any pain during the treatment.

1862 – Prussia Minister-President Otto von Bismarck’s delivers his “Blood & Iron” speech

Otto Von Bismarck, Minister-President of Prussia delivered a speech on September 30, 1862, which became a famous speech with the name “Blood & Iron” speech.

His speech “Blood & Iron” was about the unification of German territories.

Otto Von Bismarck used to be known as “The Iron Chancellor”. He was known as a very good diplomat. The phrase “Blood and Iron” of his speech became so famous that people started calling him “The Iron Chancellor”.


1943 – The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps becomes the Women’s Army Corps, a regular contingent of the U.S. Army with the same status as other army service corps

In May 1942, the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) was created as an auxiliary unit by Public Law 554. In July 1943, WAAC was converted into active duty status in the Army of the United States as Women’s Army Corps (WAC).

The first woman to become the director of WAC was from Texas society, her name was Oveta Culp Hobby.

In 1978, the Women’s Army Corps was disbanded and every unit was combined with male units.



1954 – The first atomic-powered submarine, the Nautilus, is commissioned in Groton, Connecticut.

The world’s first submarine which was operational nuclear-powered was USS Nautilus. USS Nautilus was launched in 1954, it was sponsored by the First Lady of United States, Mamie Eisenhower. In 1958, USS Nautilus also became the first-ever submarine to complete a submerged transit of the North Pole.

1966 – Bechuanaland ceases to be a British protectorate and becomes the independent Republic of Botswana.

In March 1885, a protectorate was established named Bechuanaland Protectorate by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in Southern Africa. On September 30, 1966, after getting independence, it became an independent republic under Botswana named the Republic of Botswana.


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