September 26 – 1st Grand International Rifle match and more.

“There is only one history of any importance, and it is the history of what you once believed you in and the history of what you came to believe in!”

We only believe in what we see, hear and retrospect, but when it comes to history, we believe in what others tell us. Why not find out why we are here, and what led us to today? Everything is hidden in the past. Just you need to ask yourself questions. And to answer all your questions we are here. Let us together get all the riddles of the past to solve out, through the today column!

1874– 1st Grand International Rifle match held

The American Wimbledon was purchased in late 1872, with financial aid from the state of New York. 1874 saw the Irish International Shooting team arriving in New York for the first-ever Rifle match. The audience population was estimated at around 5000 to 10000. Although proper details are no more accessible, it is well known that the US was ahead, and came out triumphant defeating Ireland in the very first match.

1946 1st edition of Tintin (Kuifje), publishes until June 1993

\The Adventures of Tintin have been one of the amazing parts of most of our childhood.

It was one of the most popular comics in Europe and slowly garnered its fan base across nations. Tintin had been published in 70 languages and sold 200 million copies across

the world. The comic was written by Georges Remi, who wrote it under the pen name, Hergé. The series consisted of 24 parts, and is still a favorite go to book for the children

1969 – The Beatles last album, Abbey Road, is released

Apple Records released the eleventh album by the Beatles in the year 1969. The album was titled Abbey Road. It was their last album as a band and the best selling album amongst their productions. It was the best selling vinyl album of 2011. Also, used advanced methodology to record the songs and were way ahead the rest of the albums.

1996 Space Shuttle STS 79 (Atlantis 17), lands

The space shuttle STS 79, also called the Atlantis 17 was the 79th mission of the Space Shuttle program. Atlantis carried a 1,821-kilogram Orbiter Docking System. A variety of experiments were conducted on her. It was the first shuttle mission to rendezvous with a fully assembled Mir.

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