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When any writer writes something to express himself, he simultaneously wants his message to reach the targeted masses. All the aspiring Content Writer

When any writer writes something to express himself, he simultaneously wants his message to reach the targeted masses. All the aspiring Content Writers might be imagining the complexity and hardships faced to become a famous writer. By the famous writer, I mean the recognition of the writer or his write-ups by the masses. But is it that complicated? Or do you only need to go smarter with your content and audience? To approach a mass audience through your content there is a need for a smart approach called SEO and Content Writing alongside.

Until and unless your readers are not reading your content, your purpose may remain unfulfilled. Before getting further, there is a need to understand why your audience is unable to read your content? There may be different reasons for this non-recognition, but lack of reachability is the most common reason to be considered. If your potential readers are unable to find your content in the search engine, how would they know about your content?

According to some reports of SEO Tribunal, over 93% of online experiences begin on the search engine. This report is enough to give a hook to website owners, e-commerce sites, bloggers, etc. to get recognized on the search engine.

Except for the scenarios when you are deep researching for something, you would like to read the three or four articles shown on the top of the page and would not bother visiting other pages. So, every writer might want to get highlighted in those top searches. It is what SEO does. The results appearing at the top are outcomes of SEO.

What is SEO Writing?

As per Backlinko, SEO writing is the process of planning, creating, and optimizing content with the primary goal of ranking in search engines. SEO writing is nothing but a combination of some great content and on-page SEO.

The legit search engine optimization is needed to rank in Google, but the quality of content cannot be avoided simultaneously. Both effective SEO and content writing with quality go hand in hand towards the success of the content.

To get positioned on the first page, the technique used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Have you ever wondered why some organizations or individuals hire SEO experts? In simpler words, it is to drive traffic to your blog or website.

In this competitive and smart world, search engine optimization enhances the effectiveness of your content to make it ranked higher. Your competitors might also be optimizing their content, and hence it becomes crucial to use it efficiently and effectively.

The first step of SEO begins with the first word of your content. Or say, before you write the first word, you need to keep SEO in mind. Establishing the keyword and writing content from the view of a reader (going beyond merely ‘writing content’) is the basic formula to become an expert in SEO Writing. The content should be appealing to the end reader. It should be interesting that your readers do not mind sharing it with others.

Using SEO should never mean that you ignore the content and focus merely on keywords, though it is need of the hour. The writer should maintain a balance while writing SEO and try to keep the content interesting, and appealing in the chorus. Considering both the facts, you will churn out the best content to get maximum benefits.

Why use SEO?

The following are the reasons behind using SEO:

Increases traffic: From the very beginning, it is clear how important bring traffic to your websites, and SEO does that very efficiently. It gets done with the help of tools inbuilt in SEO. In the know-how of SEO, you would realize how it generates traffic to your content.

An investment: Most people hesitate to spend money on the purchase of SEO as they consider it an expense. But it is the investment, that too, with a higher Return on Investment (ROI). You do not need to purchase it daily or pay the repair charges every day, but you keep earning the returns by effectively optimizing your content. One can start an established career in SEO.

Affordable: Some rumors spread about buying SEO is pocket loosening. Factually, small and large businesses can easily afford to buy SEO. There is no fixed price of SEO, and hence prices vary to the software used.

Builds credibility: Once you start driving traffic to your websites, you begin building credibility. This faith and credibility help you in the long run in the competitive world.

How to use SEO?

Before moving further, you need to understand search engine optimization. It is nothing but finding a keyword or key phrase around which your content is revolving. If you know the keyword beforehand, it becomes easier to tint the content accordingly. The keyword is the most relevant word of your content and is searched by readers in the search engine box.

After getting this keyword, enter that keyword in Google’s Keyword Tool or SEO Book Keyword Tool to know the number of searches done for that specific word. With this, you can analyze the competition behind that keyword and may alter your keyword accordingly. Not only this, but you can also find the alternatives or other keywords to use in your content.

The next step is to insert the established keyword and phrases into your content and revolve your content around that world.

You may use the focussed word or phrase in the following columns:

Titles and Sub Titles: It is the most important and eye-catching part of your content. The keyword should be used once in the title.

Subheading: If you have written a long content, it is advisable to divide it into shorter paragraphs to make it easily readable. Giving subheadings to Paragraphs would help it look better. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to insert your keyword, at least in one of those subheadings.

Meta Description: If you have access to the page’s metadata, you should not avoid inserting the keyword in the Meta Description box of your writing tool.

Tags: Along with the keyword, some other words are used multiple times in your content. All these important words are written in the Tag box to increase the accessibility of your content.

In the content: It is advisable to use your keyword appropriately within the introductory paragraph and inside the main body of content. The frequency entirely depends upon the length of your Paragraph.

Inbound and Outbound Links: These links become extremely important to take your readers to the homepages of either your or other’s websites. In the inbound link, you need to add the backlink of the related article to your website. Whereas, in outbound links, you need to add the backlink of the external website.

Description of your graphics: Images enhance the readability and maintains the interest of the reader in the content. For the description of these images, the use of the keyword is recommendable.

You might be wondering that should you keep using one word again and again? Won’t that be monotonous and hence boring? Yes, if you are thinking this way, then you are right. Writers need to consider the required frequency of words. Some tools like WordPress have inbuilt software to check the frequency and the usage of the keyword at other places. The frequency of the keyword should be 3 to 7% in any content. It cannot be measured in several words because content always varies in the word count.

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