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Pick Strawberry Day, Be a Millionaire Day and more..

What all you can celebrate today!

National Pick strawberries day  Strawberries are one of the magnificent manufactured products of Mother Nature. It is a fruit that has so many summ

National Pick strawberries day

 Strawberries are one of the magnificent manufactured products of Mother Nature. It is a fruit that has so many summer memories rooted in it. Belonging to the rose family, strawberries are the perfect amalgamation of sweet and juice together. Strawberries are picked from the farms starting from late April and ranging throughout summer. Thus, this unique day was coined in order to celebrate the fresh feeling of the warm hand-picked strawberries of the season. Pick Strawberries Day encourages people to get out under the sun and enjoy the freshly picked strawberries themselves. Strawberries came into existence when they were first cultivated in France in the 17th century. 

How to Celebrate

There are farms all around the US that allow people to pick up their own strawberries from their farms. Find them and go on a trip to that place to enjoy the strawberries that you picked. If you have a farm at home then spend time there relishing on the strawberries. If possible plan an outing trip to a farm.


National Be a millionaire day

Everyone is a fan of being rich. Who doesn’t want to stumble upon a  lottery and become a millionaire overnight? All of us want. And, not being able to be a millionaire is not a bad thing anyway. But, today is a day to introspect your life and feel good about your financial status. Becoming a millionaire is not an easy task but isn’t impossible as well. Thus, this is a day to revise all your financial achievements and self-analyzing yourself if you need to improve, and if yes, how.

How to celebrate 

Now, it isn’t necessary to be a millionaire to feel like one. You need to just feel like one and act accordingly. Spend on your favorite spa or restaurant today and applaud yourself for all that you have achieved till today. Also, after your applauding session, sit down and find all the ways that you can adapt in order to achieve big.


World bee day

The world is an ecosystem. We are all dependent on fellow human beings, animals, birds, fishes, insects, and all other kinds of creatures for our day to day survival. Our lives are possible just because all these creatures do their jobs well on time. We should be thankful for their contributions every day. 

May 20 was officially named World Bee Day in 2018 by the United Nations in a bid to raise awareness for the role bees play in keeping the planet healthy. The date was chosen to commemorate the birthday of Slovenian apiculture pioneer Anton Janša, who was born in 1734. The day is also celebrated to spread awareness about the rapid rate of decrease in the bee population. 

How to celebrate

Charity could be done to charity houses who specially work for the bees and their well being. You can visit such a place nearby and donate your time and contributions to the place. Also, spread awareness to others about the day and urge people to be grateful to the bees. 


Clinical Trials Day

Clinical trials consist of tests that are conducted in order to see the result of certain medications by recording and analyzing the results over time. This day is specially celebrated to create awareness amongst the masses about the importance of these tests and how they are able to save lives by these. The day saw its inception in 2005 to commemorate the day James Lind, a pioneer in navel hygiene got together 12 people to test for Scurvy in his team.

How to celebrate

Clinical tests are conducted all over the world to find a cure for any people across the world. Thus, this day you can show them your gratitude and help them with their needs. Spread awareness about the day to others and educate them about the importance of these tests. You can also volunteer to be tested by the doctors.


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